Review: Romeo y Julieta 1875 Limited Edition 130 Anniversary James Bond 007

An obvious choice for me, I know, but these Romeo y Julieta 1875 Limited Edition 130th Anniversary James Bond cigars are somewhat hard to find and quite old. These particular ones are somewhere around 10 years old and in very good condition. One of our mods, Robby Ras, was lucky enough to come across a small lot of these, and bombed me two. One I smoked for this review, the other will remain as a collectors piece in my humidor. So, a BIG thanks to Rob for sharing the wealth! What more fitting for me to smoke than a 007 branded cigar? :)

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There is VERY little, if ANY information, that I can find about this cigar online. So, I can’t fill in any of the pertinent information for you here. It is almost as if this cigars details were as protected as 007’s operation documents themselves. “Destroy After Reading”

No surprise here, I LOVE the looks and banding on this RyJ James Bond Edition cigar. I think the black with raised gold lettering is very elegant and classy, just as 007 is. The main band, with it’s red “130” has a very striking appearance and blends well with the James Bond 007, secondary band. The cigar itself smells very good and has a good bit of spice, as it makes my nose tingle. The cold draw is very interesting. I can discern a little nuttiness and a ‘dry’ tobacco flavor, but there are some other flavors that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. So far I am amazed at how well this cigar has aged.

After a nice toasting of the foot, I take a good first draw and am hit with a very pleasantly flavored smoke. I mostly noticed a bit of nuttiness and a dryness that I haven’t had before. Not sure if it was the age or just the way it always was, but it isn’t a deterrent. I keep getting a note of a kitchen spice, but I just can’t put a name to it. Mentally, I could see a spice bottle, but the label was just too blurry to read. Towards the end of the first third, I am hit with a strong salty note, that faded down after a couple more puffs. The smoke is very light and thin, but the burn is spot on and the ash held on into the second third.

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 LE 130 Anniv. 007 became very salty in the second third, with nutty undertones and occasional hints of citrus. At times it was almost overpowering, but not quite enough to make me stop. The burn got a good bit wavy here and there, but some how always corrected itself with no help from me. Still pretty light on smoke but the burn is fine and the ash is strong.

The remainder of the 007 RyJ 1875 stayed the same as the second third, with copious amounts of saltiness, nutty background flavors and the occasional citrus. I was expecting more tobacco and maybe grassy notes, based on the unlit profile, but I was wrong.

Obviously, this is not something everyone will be able to find, and as far as I am concerned it really is just a collectible, but I had to smoke just one. It may have been the age, maybe it had matured past it’s prime, but it wasn’t something I want to smoke often. But I have to give credit. The band is excellent, the construction was prefect and it was still pretty tasty after all these years. Of course, I paired it with a martini, shaken, not stirred, and a Bond movie on the screen. A very enjoyable evening. :)

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