REVIEW: Rodrigo Habano Classic Lancero

             A while back, George from Rodrigo sent me a few samples to review to the mods at Cigar Federation and I promptly reviewed the La Fortalenza, which I found to be an outstanding blend.  In that sample pack, there was a Habano Classic Lancero as well, which George seemed to be extremely proud of.  If you have not seen his appearances of Cigar Chat with Rob and Logan, I highly recommend checking them out, as he is one hell of an entertaining cigar personality.  I had heard many great things about this lancero, so I was excited to finally get my ass around to reviewing it after I found it buried in the lancero corner of my large humidor. 

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican


Dry Draw: berries 

First Third: The dried berries are there from the get go, with a nice toasty beginning.  Light citrus peel hit my nose on the retrohale, with a bit of woody flavors as well.  The draw provided the berry notes  for the most part and towards the end of the third some light spices started entering the mix.  The body was medium, but full of flavor.

Second Third: The draw had an interesting richness I could nto put my finger on at first, as the flavor notes of the Rodrigo Habano Classic Lancero are very subtle.  The flavors on the retro and draw are completely different, meeting on the palate, so one whom does not retrohale will miss out.  Bready notes I associated with Dominican tobacco started hitting, along with mild pepper.  Combined with the initial flavors of the first third, this was a fine example of a cigar with depth, given the citrus, berries, wood, bread, pepper, and spice notes.  Towards the end of this third I was reminded of cream soda at times, but very lightly.  


Final Third: The cream soda flavor built for me at this point, and took over as the main flavor profile on top of the previous notes.  The finish was noticeably clean, maybe even in the mild category, but stll full of flavor.  The woody flavors and bread were still apparent, along with the mild pepper.  The citrus notes still float in and out on the retrohale, which were part of the cream soda flavors, and really picked up at the end.

Final Thoughts: The Rodrigo Habano Classic Lancero is a true gem, but it might be over a newer smokers head really.  I say that because the depth is outstanding, and very light. A full-bodied spice enthusiast may not find the power they like, or associate the subtlety with flavor.  It reminds me of Davidoff in that regard.  For a cigar geek like myself or a notepad whore whom likes to pick out flavors, this cigar was both a challenge and treat. Personally, I get off on mild-medium stuff like this that are very subtle, while someone expecting tons of body might not understand the point of a blend like this.  That does not mean I would not recommend this to anyone, as the flavor is there, and I really see no reason not to buy this.  For the experienced smoker, fans of Dominican blends, and lancero nuts, you need to try this.  This is the kind of cigar I buy, give away most, just because I want people to experience it, and then get pissed when I have none left.  Therefore, the reality is I highly recommend this cigar, because I think it has enough flavor to attract most smokers, and for the guys like me, I think they will fall in love.  Thank you to George for sending me this sample, I will now be adding more on my next order.

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Comment by Tyler on March 3, 2014 at 10:07am

Great stick and great review.  Easily one of my favorite lanceros. 

Comment by Gray on March 3, 2014 at 11:40am
Wow, sounds really good. Definitely like something I'd enjoy. I love when there's a citrus thing going on in a cigar.
Comment by Catfishbluezz on March 3, 2014 at 2:29pm

Thank you Tyler.

Gray, it is along the lines of a subtle DR smoke, which is why I think it may be over some smoker's heads.  Either way, its a damn good cigar.

Comment by Docwill on March 3, 2014 at 10:09pm



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