This is a cigar I received in a personal bomb when I traveled to Seattle in November of 2012 from LostAbbott.


There's not much here I can smell here besides cedar and some light spices.


The Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto measures 5.5 x 50 with a pig tail cap.  The wrapper is a light brown color and has a bright red double band.  It has some damage to the foot as a result of international transport.



There's a hint of spice on the first few draws but it's barely perceptible.  The draw on the Sun Grown Robusto is wide open.  A few minutes in and I start to get roasted nuts on the tip of my tongue after each draw.

At about the 30 minute mark I'm getting some light leather on the exhale.  I'm struggling to detect any other flavors present in the first third. 

Overall I found the first not very complex, light, but balanced.


The middle introduces some sweetness but not much else going on here.   The flavors remain in balance through the middle third.


The leather that was present in light levels in the first third is the prominent flavor here.  Even as the prominent flavor it's not strong and overpowering. 

As the final third establishes itself the nuttiness and leather find an equilibrium.


The draw on the Sun Grown Robusto is wide open.  There's absolutely no resistance to the draw.  I cut it with a guillotine and I'd highly recommend using a punch here.  Some minor corrections needed on the burn.  Smoking time was approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.


Singles of the RP Sun Grown Robusto can be found for $4-$5.  5-packs are $25.  A box of 20 are about $120.  This price point makes these cigars available for all levels of aficionados.

Final Word:

The Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto is an excellent cigar for new smokers or anyone who likes the light to medium end of the spectrum for flavors and strength.  At almost 2 hours of smoking time and a very low price point this should have a home in most humidors even if they're just waiting for a friend to come over.

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