The Rocky Patel Nording Robusto came to me by way of a the Smoking Greek as a part of his 13 for 2013 giveaway.   Thanks Evan for the chance to review another great cigar!



A combination of leather, barnyard and hay.  Careful examination kept returning the same flavor profiles.



The Rocky Patel Nording is a Robusto vitola measuring 5.5” by 52 ring gauge.  It has a pig tail cap which is interesting.   The wrapper is a dark brown with mottled sections that are darker.  No imperfections anywhere to be seen.  The band is a bright silver and is quite striking.





The first few draws is lots of nut flavors.  There’s some sweetness present post draw.  I pick up some slight pepper only in the retrohale.  10 minutes in and I get some leather as an after taste.

This is fairly in the middle of the road for complexity but enjoyable through the entire first third.


The nut flavors that were present in the first third are more pronounced and complex in the second third.   The leather that was present as an after taste also becomes stronger and more present here.  The pepper that I picked up just on the retrohale starts to push through on the flavor map at the halfway mark.  

As the middle third winds down I pick up some floral notes.


The primary flavors in the final third are earth and the nuttiness that has been present all throughout.  The leather from the first and second thirds is barely perceptible here. 

A nice finish in the final third with no bitterness.  I’m easily able to smoke this down to the nub.


No burn issues to speak of here.  The draw hit the sweet spot.  The ash held quite well throughout the review.  Total smoking time was just under the 1 hour and 50 minute mark.


Extremely good value here, with singles available in the $4.50 range.   5 packs range pretty significantly from $16 – $32.   Boxes of 20 are readily available for $123 but you can find bundles marked down at various online retails for as low as $70.


Final Word:

Rocky Patel tends to have a lot of products on the market, and as a reviewer it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate one product from another.  The Rocky Patel Nording Robusto is a good cigar with a price that puts it at a top level of value.  If you’re looking for a medium bodied cigar with some flavors that should be approachable even for the beginner cigar smoker,  these are going to land into the must buy category for you.


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Comment by The Nothing on October 8, 2013 at 10:48am

Great with morning coffee. It's probably the RP cigar I have enjoyed the most.


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