This cigar came to me by way of a bomb from QuikAF77 at /r/cigars.  This is the release version of the Nicaraguan edition I previously reviewed.




Picked up some spicy notes, sweet tobacco and slight barnyard.​


The Rocky Patel Edge Habano is a Torpedo shaped cigar 6 x 52.  It's adorned by a blue band.  There are veins present down the length of the wrapper but they are all flat and there are no imperfections present.​



The first few draws and I pick up a multitude of flavors.  Coffee, cedar with chocolate on the tongue after exhale.   Several more puffs in and it starts to become super rich and sweet.   The first transitions into a balance of flavors with a complex tobacco taste underneath/  The first third is delicious.​


The primary flavor standing out as I move into the middle third is a creamy sweetness.  Sadly the nice ash I had going fell at this point.  The rest of the complex notes from the first aren't present here but it's a nicely balanced rich tobacco.  At the halfway point of the middle I'm getting a nice tobacco buzz going.​


The sweet tobacco intensifies going into the last third.  After a few minutes of enjoying the flavor it turns a bit bitter and harsh.  That drops away and it transitions to a mostly earthy flavor for the rest of the third.​


I can't say I've ever had any burn or draw issues with any Rocky Patel I've enjoyed in the past, and this one is no different.  Total smoking time is just over an hour and a half.​


Singles of the Edge Habano Torpedo range from $5.50 - $7.  A 5-pack will cost you about $30.  A box of 20 is $120 and they come in a whopping 100 box which ranges dramatically from $380 - $590.  At the lower end of the single price range these represent an excellent value.​

Final Word:

The Rocky Patel Edge line tends to be pretty divisive among aficionados.  You either like them, or you don't and I fall squarely in the former category.  A cigar with a nice rich flavor and a price that makes them affordable for all aficionados.  Pick up a few singles or a 5 pack and let us know what you think.​


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