In November 2015 I had the opportunity to visit Cuba again for the Partagas festival. Cuba is always a great trip and a chance to try new cigars and catch up with good friends from Eastern Canada.

I wasn’t able to get my hands on any Diplomaticos Excelencia 2015 Cuba Regionals. Unfortunately they all sold through before we landed for the festival.

I was fortunate enough to smoke a few different box codes of the Ramon Allones Club Allones EL 2015 though. Initial stuck was sold through a day after we purchased some samples, and didn’t return until the day before we left. I had the opportunity to smoke several samples of the box code OPG JUL 15 and RAE AGO 15.

Available in 10 count boxes, it comes as a single Gran Corona (5-1/3”x47 RG) vitola. Pricing on these was $8.30 CUC which translated into $12.39 CAD each.


Vitola: Gran Corona

Size: 5-1/3” (135mm) x 47 Ring Gauge

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Cigars Smoked for this Review: Five

Price Point: $8.30 CUC / $83.00 CUC

Cigar Purchased: Purchased at Habana Libre LCDH

Quick Note: For this review we used Logan’s rating system. You can view it in detail here.


“The RAE AGO 15 Ramon Allones Club Allones Edicion Limitada 2015 is a box purchase decision from the first few puffs.”




Check out my video review here:


Surgeon’s Rating: 94 AKA “Box Purchase”

The nose on the Ramon Allones Club Allones Edicion Limitada 2015 has that great Cuba tobacco twang to it along with milk chocolate. There’s some dry cedar in the food.

I used my v-cutter and found the draw to be quite tight. None of the cigars I smoked in Cuba had any draw issues so this was likely a one off.

My first few draws produced a wonderful creamy chocolate with some nuanced spices on the retrohale, finishing creamy sweet. I do start to get some light post draw leather off the retrohale. There is some delayed drying cedar as well.

There is some salty flavor that develops initially but falls off. I didn’t get any salty character from the samples reviewed in Cuba.

At the 20 minute mark I’m getting some light hay and cedar still mixing in with the creamy rich milk chocolate. As the first third progresses the milk chocolate is quite dominant.

The retrohale continues to build from the initial light plus to almost a medium level which is a great balance against the chocolate.



As the Club Allones EL 2015 transitions to the middle third the cedar moves up in intensity with a drying character. It wipes away any lingering chocolate flavors on the post draw. The overall strength of the cigar has ramped up to a medium almost medium plus level.

The cigar settles in great here with the flavor profile balanced across the board. The cedar, spices and chocolate all balance each other out, especially with the rich retrohale. Some vegetal note comes in at a light plus, something I wasn’t getting from samples in Cuba.

Spices ramp up sharply and significantly in the last third, all the way up to a full minus almost full level. Each draw produces chocolate and cedar with the cedar starting to run over the chocolate somewhat. As the first third progresses the cedar starts to dominate.

Total smoking time 1 hour 44 minutes.

The big difference between the RAE and the OPG was the amount of cedar. The RAE hits you with tons of creamy chocolate from the start and throughout. the OPG starts with a dry cedar and eventually reveals creamy chocolate in the middle but not to the same degree as the RAE.

I would have rated the OPGs a 91 “Box Split”.

The RAE AGO 15 Ramon Allones Club Allones Edicion Limitada 2015 is a box purchase decision from the first few puffs. While I would have been quite disappointed to not have found more boxes of the RAE, the OPG would have been a great backup decision.


Surgeon’s Pairing Recommendation:

As with many Cuban cigars, port, rum and root beer are all going to be great pairing choices here. As the Club Allones EL 2015 does step up in strength as it progresses you could probably also pair a nicely rounded scotch.

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Comment by Charlie on February 16, 2016 at 9:34am

So I picked up a 5er but I haven't smoked one yet...I have heard from quite a few people that they are smoking great...your review seals the deal for me, I'm going to smoke one asap...RA never lets me down!

Comment by Mickey irratebass on February 16, 2016 at 9:52am

Nice review John boy!

Comment by Ky70 on February 16, 2016 at 12:21pm

Wow.  Those sound fantastic!  I recently bought some superiors and am wondering if I need these too.  Decisions, decisions. 

Comment by Doug on February 16, 2016 at 1:09pm
I'm looking to order some CCs soon and these sound like a great choice.
Comment by Generally Useful Jared on February 17, 2016 at 10:59am

I have found one and only one of my usual suspects that actually has these in stock.


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