Review: Ramón Bueso Genesis The Project Robusto

This Ramón Bueso Genesis The Project Robusto came to me by way of a side trade with one of the Cigar Federation mods, Matt.   Getting cigars in Canada can be difficult, but getting cigars in the boutique category can be almost impossible.  

Since I had no immediate plans for travel to the US, Matt was generous enough to grab a boutique sampler and arrange a side trade with me.



The cigar reminds me of the fermenting barns in Nicaragua, although with significantly reduced strength and intensity.  There’s nothing else here I’m able to pick up.


This Ramón Bueso Genesis The Project was reviewed in the Robusto vitola, measuring 5” by 50 ring gauge.    Sporting a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, a Jamastran binder and Nicaraguan filler.  The line is named after Ramón Bueso, the owner of the company, who has been in the industry over 40 years.  




First Third

There’s light pepper on detectable at the start of the draw and dissipates quickly afterwards.  The body here is quite light as the flavors do not overpower or linger in the mouth post-draw.    There is also some light nutty flavors present and just the faintest hint of coffee.

About 10 minutes in there’s some sweetness that comes through at the end of the draw and tends to linger.  The sweetness is balanced in intensity.

The first third is interesting because the flavors start out quite simple and then build to greater complexity as the first third winds down.

Middle Third

The sweetness has dissipated by the time the middle third begins.  There are some light nut flavors that pick up in intensity and start to linger in the mouth.

Last Third

The flavor profile changes to include some earthy tones.   The complexity of the flavors has dropped significantly from the first and middle third for a nice light finish.


No issues with the burn, some occasional touchups relating to a slightly windy smoking environment.  Draw was in the sweet spot, using a guillotine cutter.  Total smoking time was approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The Genesis The Project Robusto is only available through or   This can be picked up for $7 single, $26.50 for a 5 pack or box of 20 for $79.95.    For a boutique cigar this is a very affordable price point.

Final Word:

Ramón Bueso Genesis The Project Robusto was a well constructed cigar that delivered on balanced flavors.  I enjoyed it, but not enough to smoke one of these on a regular basis.  I typically go for something that has more flavor complexity or more intensity.  With that said, the price point is extremely approachable for all aficionados to try out for themselves.



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Comment by Catfishbluezz on November 15, 2013 at 8:40am

Dude...if you need me to send you some "candles" let me know man...  I've exported "hobby supplies" to the great white north many times lol.  

Comment by Matt Ross on November 15, 2013 at 9:26am

Haha...glad you enjoyed, John.

Dustin - John and I try to plan a trade every few months.  I send him a selection of sticks he can't get in Canada.  He sends me a selection I can't get in NJ! ;)


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