This cigar was sent to me by the Smoking Greek as a part of his 13 for 2013giveaway.


Careful consideration of this cigar revealed coffee, dark tobacco and cedar.


The Quesada Q d'etat Daga is an unusually shaped Salomon (7x54) vitola that is thicket at the foot than at the cap.   The cap itself is similar to a torpedo style.   No construction errors are present.




The first few draws and I picked up spice, coffee and there was a rich taste of nuts on the exhale.  A few minutes in and the exhale became a mixture of nuts and a creamy sweetness.

At the halfway mark of the first third, the nuttiness drops off and is replaced with leather notes.


Not a lot of complexity in the second third to differentiate it.  It's balanced and smooth but no particular flavor stood out.  At the halfway mark it becomes earthy at the end of a draw mixed with a little of the creamy sweetness that was present in the previous third.


The dominant flavor in the last third is earth.  The final third starts off fine but falls off quickly to become nothing but earth.


Even with the odd shape I had no burn issues from start to finish.  Draw from the torpedo style cap was fine.  Total smoking time was approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.


Singles of the Q d'etat Daga can be found around $9.50.  A 5-pack is approximately $48.  These also come in boxes of 10 for $85 - $90.  At this price point they're competing with more premium priced cigars and I would put the value at average.

Final Word:

Overall I wasn't a big fan of the Quesada Q d'etat Daga.  It started out with an interesting combination of flavors but deteriorated until the final third where the dominant flavor was just earth.  As we're always careful to point out, taste is highly subjective.  This is a cigar with an interesting presentation and we would recommend you pick up some to try for yourself.


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