Pre-Release Review: Regius Orchant 2014 Campana

             Last year my Cigar of the Year was the Regius Orchant Robusto, a cigar that seemed like it was made for my palate, and strikingly similar to the Habanos I regularly smoke. This year, Akhil Kapacee and Mitchell Orchant teamed up again to rerelease the Robusto and add a Campana to the line, information about the initial release is here:.  The Campana is a torpedo shape sized at 5.5in x 52rg.  According to Kapacee, “Campana is an interesting size that will sell in the UK.  The flavor is all in the cut, straight versus V versus diagonal straight, my favorite as smoke hits the top of the mouth.” Due to the ability to cut pyramides in the diagonal style, Kapacee says, “some Cuban cigars in that size have become fashionable.” Personally, I have always been a fan of the pyramide shape, and have collected many different brands because of the cut myself.  I had no clue Akhil was into the same type of cut I prefer until our conversation.  I like to rotate the diagonal cut myself to allow the smoke to hit the palate and or tongue as I progress through the cigar.  That being said, I must preface this review knowing the blend is the same, that my thoughts may be rather subjective given my preference for the original blend.  I must say, I rather enjoyed the feel of the cigar, as the shape of the torpedo is sharp and pronounced, while the secondary band is at the foot of the cigar this year, providing an extra bit of protection in the humidor.  Now the crop is obviously different, as the initial release was very limited, but I have faith that Akhil can recreate the blend, as Orchant demands perfection.


Retail: $10.95 for the Campana, $9.95 for the Robusto


600 Boxes made

400 boxes released to the US each size


Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Dry Draw: honey and tea notes


First Third: Dried berries were slamming my palate, with the honey sweetness and tea notes I detected on the dry draw.  The retrohale added a touch of spice and cedar, but nothing overly defined.  The finish was luscious, just as I had expected and have experienced from the original release. Cigars like this make me highly critical of boutiques that do not have long finishes.  The dried berries seemed to roll off the top of the palate with the exhale, and at times I was reminded of scones.  The rich flavors and texture of the draw reminded me of my mother’s restaurant growing up and eating as many left over scones as I could sneak from the breakfast rush.



Second Third: Rich cocoa flavors began to arrive on the draw, while the spice defined itself as white pepper notes on the retrohale and finish.  At this point, I had to tell Kapacee to quit texting me, as his normal banter was interrupting my peace and solace with the Orchant Campana.  The honey had moved to a white sugar note, hitting the tip of my tongue, while the cocoa seemed to crawl towards the back of my mouth.  The finish continued to impress, with the ability to go inside, grab more ice water, and still taste the depth and complexity for several minutes post draw.



Final Third: The draw became very creamy, and the berries came back, ever so faint hiding in the texture of the draw.  The coffee flavors increased in body, as well as the white pepper notes.  The berries seemed to fade in and out, specifically on the roof of my mouth in short bursts.  Another solid change took place, and the creaminess left.  The Orchant Campana became very rich on the draw, while the spice lingered post exhale on the lips and front of mouth.  The balance was phenomenal, between rich flavor and the spice on the finish. 

Construction: Perfect

Final Thoughts: Box Purchase – 95.  I bought three boxes of the robusto last year, and I will be buying 2-3 of the Campana as well.  The robusto has aged fantastically, and many of my fellow Habanos fans fell in love with the blend.  The consensus amongst those that enjoyed the original blend, was that it aged well, so my guess is the Campana will deliver in time as well.  This is a cigar for Habanos fans, folks that do not want spice overpowering their palate, and cigars with depth and delicate complexity.  Cigars like this changed my mind about Nicaraguan tobacco and the ability to blend cigars as good as Habanos.  For me, cigars are all about the finish, and the Orchant delivered four changes, a long finish, and depth and complexity to tease my senses.  I highly recommend getting some from your local retailer, as these will not be online, and will be sold very quickly at the show.

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Comment by Docwill on July 16, 2014 at 8:01am


Comment by Charlie on July 16, 2014 at 1:33pm

Looks like a beautiful cigar! I loved the robusto! The only cigar that I wasn't a huge fan of by Regius was the White Lable. Great review and a great smoke I will try getting my hands on. BTW I ordered the USA Lancero.

Comment by Catfishbluezz on July 16, 2014 at 4:00pm

If you liked the robusto, you will like this one Charlie.  I cannot wait to try the USA stuff in about 6 months personally.

Comment by Zedman05 on January 3, 2015 at 9:42pm

Fantastic cigar ! I loved the lack of ligero kick and missing spiciness typical of Nica tobacco. It was a flavor bomb right from the get-go. I would equate these to being as different to every other cigar as the Tat Black Corona Gorda is to everything else too. They both have such a unique flavor profile that you cannot mistake them. I would buy these any day of the week. 

I too think they are a bit reminiscent of something off the island; like LGC's. Very close profile imho. 

Recommended !


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