Review: Pinar del Rio Oscuro Reddit /r/cigars CotM (Nov 2012)

The Pinar del Rio Oscuro in the Robusto vitola was Reddit /r/cigars cigar of the month for November 2012 picked by yours truly.


I picked up chocolate and espresso and some light cedar.


The construction on the PdR is flawless with flat veins and a rich oily brown shaded wrapper.



Some fairly strong spice on the first few draws.  I found the start to be really interesting and complex.  Lots of chocolate, almost a bbq meat flavor and some leather notes.   On exhales I'm picking up a combination of arth and spice mixed together.  Just before the halfway point of the first the spice drops in intensity and is balanced with the other flavors.  At the halfway point some creaminess starts to come through.  My thoughts from the first is that it's as if the cigar is trying to find it's flavor identity and you're just along for the ride.


The middle starts off creamy and slightly earthy. There's much less going on in the middle, but I find that to be a good thing.  A few minutes in and the spice comes back, but in equal parts to the sweet creamy taste.  Overall the middle was more consistent than the first and the most enjoyable third for me. 


The final starts out a bit bitter.  After some purging I'm picking up some earth and leather which opens up after 5 minutes to slightly creamy and earthy.  Not much else going on in the final third.


The burn was consistent from start to finish, with two touch-ups which I attributed to the cold and dry weather at the time of smoking.  Draw was also right in the sweet spot.  Total smoking time was 2 hours right on the button.


I picked these up as a box from for prices that should be criminal.  Singles typically go for $5-$6, 5-packs around $17 and boxes will range from $70-$105 depending on whether you get them on sale.   The prices on these are great considering the flavors they're packing.

Final Word:

I picked the PdR Oscuro Robusto as the /r/cigars cigar of the month as I felt that Pinar del Rio didn't get as much attention as some of the other cigar brands out there.  I feel that the box I got would benefit from a few months rest, but the flavor and value of these make them a great cigar choice.

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