Review: Peterson Holiday Blend 2015

What better time to review a holiday themed pipe tobacco, than Christmas week? Peterson makes a Holiday blend each year, and they usually sell out fast. Then they are gone for good I have been holding off on this tobacco, which has, been hard, because it smells SO good!

Holiday Blend 2014

Company: Peterson

How Packaged: 3.53 oz. Tin

Style: Aromatic

Tobacco Used: Burley, Cavendish & Virginia 

Casing/Topping: Cocoa/Chocolate, Vanilla

Cut: Ribbon

Bowls Smoked: 2

Date Purchased/Obtained: 8/18/15

Storage Method: Mason Jar

Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge

Price Point: $23.95

Purchased: Purchased from the CigFed Store

Quick Note: To view the Pipe Tobacco rating system used, click here.

Tin/Jar Note: Sweet and fruity. With a vanilla note and just the slightest hint of chocolate.

Visual: Very contrasting shades of ribbons. Mostly a light tan with some very dark, almost black ribbons scattered throughout.

Flavors: The sweet Virginia and toasted Burley notes are front and center. The vanilla topping is slightly present and there is also just a bit of a fruit note. Smoking this tobacco isn’t as strong as the tin note, but the room note definitely has a great aroma.

Smoking Experience: Burns great, straight out of the tin, without needing relights and the smoke production is quite nice. Never got any bite or gurgle either.

Tobacco Strength: Medium-

Body: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Comparable Tobacco: Similar to the Tsuge Seasons collection. Light tobaccos and light, delightful flavors.

Conclusion: Very pleasant, easy to smoke tobacco. The aromatics are present, but nice and light in presence, adding just the right amount of flavor to the natural tobacco. And it was effortless to smoke. My score is a bit different on annual releases, because of their availability. I would definitely pick a tin each year, as long as I can find it and keep them on hand to smoke during the holiday season.

Rating: 4 Stars AKA "Keep in the Rotation" – Purchase enough to keep it in the rotation

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