This is my review of the ​Padron Serie 1926 No. 2 Maduro cigar.   I picked this up on my way through Bellingham, Washington last year.   I was saving it for a special occasion and I decided to smoke this delicious cigar on my birthday this year.


I was surprised that I was only able to pick up cedar and light spice.  Based on the rich looking wrapper I was hoping for chocolate  or coffee.   ​


The No. 2 Maduro is 5 1/2 x 52 Torpedo.  The ​wrapper is a milk chocolate color with some light mottling.  Unfortunately the wrapper on mine was slightly damaged in transport, but this was not a construction issue.  As with the other Padron cigars it features a classy gold and red band denoting along with a serial number.



My immediate tastes are milk chocolate with a creamy mouthfeel.  There's light oak on the exhale.  I'm blown away by how smooth and rich the taste is.  The only change here is as I move towards the middle there's a little bit of coffee flavor.​


There's nothing that marks the transition from the first third to the middle third.  It's still creamy and chocolate with a fantastic mouthfeel on exhale.  It's difficult to describe but it's similar to the mouthfeel from drinking a frothy cappuccino.  ​


I found it very acrid initially as I moved into the final third and I was worried it was going to wipe out what had been an excellent experience.  Fortunately it disappeared immediately and the rest of the final third was coffee, chocolate and some spice.  The 1926 really finishes on a strong note and the tobacco strength is very full.​


The burn on this was perfect with only a light touch up required due to the cold and dry weather.  The draw was perfect and total smoking time was almost exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes.​


I might take a lot of flack for the value score here but the Padron 1926 is very premium cigar with a very premium price tag attached.   Singles are around $17, 5-packs will set you back $85, and a box of 24 ranges from $350 to over $400.    ​ I struggled with the value scoring but in the end when I compare it to the Padron 1964 or the T52 which is another premium cigar I enjoy, do I feel that it provides twice the value?  Absolutely not.

Final Word:

The Padron 1926 No. 2 is an outstanding cigar.  Unfortunately the price point puts it out of reach of many aficionados and ​leaves it in the realm of a celebration cigar.  Do I recommend you pick one up for a special occasion and try it for yourself?  Absolutely I do.   The taste of this cigar scored 20/20, and if it were closer in price to the 1964 series these would be a regular box purchase for me.

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