Review: Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Reddit CotM (Mar 2012)

Padron 1964 Anniversary Principe Maduro (4.5 x 46).   I picked up a box of these from Serious Cigars while I was down in Houston.  This cigar was picked as the cigar of the month for March.


Lots of chocolate with spice and a rich aromatic tobacco.  ​


Flawless ​dark wrapper with a slight amount of tooth.  Careful inspection reveals only a single cap.  The band is a rich shiny gold with a deep red center and the Padron lettering.



​In a word, spicy.  A big mouthful of spice that travels to the back of my throat and lingers.  The spice recedes a few puffs in and a nice mixture of medium roast coffee and a rich tobacco comes through.  This cigar is fantastically smooth and creamy at the 10 minute mark.


​Nice and creamy as it moved into the middle.  Right now I'm extremely pleased with my decision to pick up a box.  I'm not done and I'm already thinking I should be lighting up a second one.   Flavors remained consistent through the entire middle.


More sweet creamy and coffee as I moved into the final third.  The spice that was so strong in the first is non-existent here.  The chocolate becomes less of a milk chocolate and more of a bitter dark chocolate, but it's still quite enjoyable.​


​This vitola seemed ideal as I had absolutely no burn issues and the draw hit all the sweet spots.   Smoking time was 1 hr and 10 minutes and left me wanting a second one.


​Singles on the Padron Principe go for about $8.75, 5 packs will run you around $37 and a box of 25 will range from $185 to $220+.  I found the value on this is a tough one to gauge because the taste is fantastic and the pricing is about average.  I finally rated this as very good based on the high availability of them coupled with a price that doesn't break the $9 mark.

Final Word:

​The Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro is nothing short of fantastic.  I tried several vitolas in the Serious Cigars smoking room while I was there and I finally settled on the Principe.  I found that it provided the best ring gauge for maximizing the flavors, even though it left me wanting more.  Even if this weren't the /r/cigars cigar of the month for March, I'd highly recommend you pick a few of these up immediately.


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