Review: Outlaw Cigar Gunslinger Black Powder Short Belicoso

Last month I went to the CATS Festival in San Antonio, TX. One of the retailers on hand was Outlaw Cigar Co. and they gave out this Gunslinger. The banding on these Gunslingers has been calling my name from that day.

I decided to light up the Short Belicoso Saturday (06/01) night. Forgive the paint and on my hands, I had spent the whole day doing maintenance on my properties.

The more I look at the band, the more details I see. Under the word "GUNSLINGER" you can see a skull with two pistols crossed in front of it's mouth. But as you turn the band you can see that the black background actually makes a cowboy hat, as well. On each side of the band, the narrow strips are brown and have raised nubs, that make them resemble an ammo belt with bullets in it. The smaller band under that sells out "BLACK POWDER" in font that looks like someone sketched it out in gun powder. Very cool, a lot of time must have gone into designing these bands. 

Size: 5.5x52

Wrapper: Mexico

Binder: Nicaragua Corojo & Criollo

Filler: Nicaragua Corojo & Criollo

Factory: Aganorsa

The construction on this stick was excellent. nice tight seams, smooth wrapper and a very clean looking tip & cap. The cold draw was delicious. It was slightly spicy, like pepper, but with a sweet and very smooth undertone. I'm definitely ready to light this thing up!

One quick clip with my guillotine and the draw is perfect. I toasted the foot and got it fully lit before bringing it to my lips. Side note, I have started lighting all my cigars this way, unless I am out in the wind, and I find the burn and flavor are much better than with the traditional puffing method. 

The first third left a slight tingle on my tongue, but it wasn't harsh. This entire portion for me was slightly sweet and slightly spicy at the same time. A great balance between the two, with leather undertones. The flavor was very much like the Hammer & Sickle Hermitage No. 1, except this cigar didn't leave the thick film in my mouth that I got from the Hermitage. The burn has been great. It gets a tad wavy at times, but always corrects itself.

The second third sees the departure of the spice, but the sweetness & leather remain. Along with the arrival of hints of earth. Not too much else to note. The burn remains the same and I am able to get an ash up to about an inch. It's a pretty smooth, yet very marbled looking ash of grey and black.

In the final third the spice returns, although still pretty soft. The flavor profile is very similar to the first. So the flavor switch in the middle, was just enough to make it a little more interesting.

All in all, I enjoyed the Gunslinger. It was not as spicy as I was expecting, given the name and the banding, but I am okay with that. I am not one of those people that enjoys a kick in the teeth. It was more a thick, creamy leather, with just the slightest hit of black pepper, that's about the best way to sum it up.

If you can find some of these, I would suggest you give it a try. It's not my number one smoke, but it is definitely worthy of a place in my humidor.

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