Review: Oliveros King Havano Black Knight Mace Reddit /r/cigars CoTM (Oct 2012)

The Oliveros King Havano Black Knight "Mace" cigar was Reddit /r/cigars cigar of the month for October 2012.


I was picking up very sweet tobacco with equal strength of chocolate.


This King Havano Black Knight "Mace" cigar is a 6x60 size.  It's a box press that is double banded.  The main large band is a gold and brown and the second is at the foot with wings identifying it as a Black Knight.  The wrapper on this is very dark and oily.



I was picking up a very light spice, but only on the exhale.  Strong notes of chocolate and lightly roasted coffee.  Some earthiness coming through as I proceeded.  A few minutes in there are hints of a barbequed meat flavor.  Overall the first is interesting and very consistent.


There was much more earth and spice in the second.  The chocolate that came through in the first is absent here.  Some hints of creaminess and the earth really hits full strength at the halfway mark of the middle.  There wasn't a lot of complexity compared to the first, but the flavors are very consistent.


The final third started off a bit bitter and harsh.  After a few purges and pushing through the bitterness drops off.  I really noticed the strength of the cigar as I finished up.  Solidly medium strength cigar.

This had a nice even burn from start to finish.  Draw hit the sweet spot the entire way through.  Total smoking time clocked at almost exact two hours.


I picked these up off of CigarBid for $58 for a box of 20.  Singles can be found on CigarBid ranging from $5 - $8, 5 packs from $15 - $40.  A typical box of 20 is going to range significantly from $60 - $155.  I would pay up to $80 for a box of these, but anything more than that and I would feel that they are overpriced relative to the flavor complexity offered.  The value scored provided is based on the going rate from CigarBid, which I consider to be a great value.

Final Word:

It was an interesting choice for cigar of the month as I got to try something new.  It's a solid smoke that you should enjoy for the entire time.  It's a medium minus in terms of flavor complexity but the strength of it is a strong medium.  If you can pick up some singles, a 5 pack or a box for a reasonable price, this would make for a great every day smoke.


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