This is my review of the Oliva V Melanio which comes in the Robusto vitola.


I was excited to try out this new release from Oliva.  After considerable examination all I picked up is a peaty earth and some dried fruit. 


The Melanio has a rich brown color to it, with a wrapper that does not reveal any flaws.  I've always found the Oliva V band to be well designed and eye catching, and there is a second thinner band underneath with the Melanio label.


First Third

The first third is a combination of some very nice pepper and a sweet creamy under current.  After getting comfortable in the first third I started to pick up some chocolate on the exhale.  Halfway through and there was just a hint of nuts.  The initial third reminded me of the Oliva V Maduro series but creamy, and without the strong earth and chocolate of the Maduro wrapper.

Middle Third

As I entered into the middle third I was greeted with some earthiness as the spice almost drops off completely.  The sweet creaminess in the first third also seems to fall off and is barely noticeable.  The mixture of chocolate and nuts that I was picking up on the exhale becomes more of an earth nut mix, reminding me of cashews.  As I closed out the middle third it was quite strong and bitter.  Not at all pleasant.  I wasn't sure whether I was smoking it too fast (I did not appear to be) but there is just an overpowering bitter earthiness that comes out of nowhere.

Last Third

The last third was a mixture of strong earth and a medium sweet creamy failure that came back a few minutes in.  Unfortunately the earth and sweetness were not balanced and as a result the last third was a earthy and bitter finish.

Nice even and consistent draw throughout.  Did not run into any problems.  This has  been my experience overall with any cigar I've tried from Oliva including the Nub series.



These are a limited release, and as such the value is tough to quantify.  Box price ranges between $85 and $110 so $9-$10 a stick.  Is it worth it?  In this case it's highly subjective and I'll have to revisit once a box has had time to rest.  If the last third is as good as the first two thirds then I would say 4/5 but as it stands the last third lowers the score for me.


Final Word:

I very much enjoyed the first two thirds of the Oliva V Melanio but the final third was very disappointing.  I suspect that this cigar might need some time to rest, and as such I have a box resting in my humidor for a follow up review.

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