Review: Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial 2012

​This is the latest limited release of the Oliva Serie V.  I first got introduced to these back in 2011 from a Redditor by the name of Speedgeek.  Since then I've managed to get a box of each of the releases going back to 2008.


I picked up sweet tobacco with cedar and hints of cocoa.​


The Oliva Serie V 2012 is a toro shaped cigar measuring 6x50.  It's triple capped and the maduro wrapper on this was smooth and a dark chocolate color.  One thing that bothers me about the Serie V releases is that the release year is nowhere on the band. ​



There was a nice blast of pepper off the start.  It started at the front of my tongue and lingered in my throat.  A few puffs in and the cocoa I picked up on the nose started.  My immediate impressions were that the flavors were smooth and the cigar strength more full than the 2011 release.  At the 5 minute mark I started to pick up a bbq meat flavor and the spice starts to fall away.    As I began to close on the middle third the pepper blast comes out of nowher


The blast of spice disappeared as quickly as it started and is replaced by a sweet creaminess.   The rest of the middle third was a combination of strong bbq meat flavor that was present in the first and spice that play off each other for the rest of the third.​


Very floral to start off the final third.   Some coffee notes but very subtle.  The tobacco strength is starting to hit home now.​  The final third was a bit disappointing as there was not much else for complexity and it began to get harsh and bitter at the halfway point.


As has been my experience with almost all Oliva cigars, burn was excellent throughout and draw was well balanced.  ​ Total smoking time was approximately 1 hr and 40 minutes.


Every year Oliva releases a limited production of ​boxes of 10.   The price for singles are $9.45 and a 10 pack will run you $85 - $94.   Given that they are a limited run cigar I feel that the individual and box pricing is excellent.


Final Word:

Although I really enjoyed the strength of this cigar, I found the flavor complexities to be lacking compared to the 2010 and 2011 releases. The 2011 was not nearly as spicy but overall I felt it had more to offer. With that said, it's still a very good cigar and if you like cigars at the fuller end, I would absolutely recommend you pick up a few singles to try them for yourself.

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