I won this cigar from a Leaf and Flame raffle for cancer research donations.​


A sweet tobacco mixed with coffee.  Subtle barnyard undertones.​


The Oliva Serie G Belicoso is 5x52 and box pressed with multiple caps. The standard brown and gold Oliva band adorns it with a Serie G designation.  ​



The first few draws and I get a mouthful of coffee and light cocoa.  My initial impressions is that it almost seems like an infused cigar, but the coffee and cocoa isn't over powering.  The first few minutes are perfectly smooth and creamy.  After settling in I start to get a small amount of spice and pepper at the back of my throat.  I found the combination balanced the coffee and cocoa and prevented it from dominating the first third.​


The cigar become a bit earthy to start the second third.  The coffee and cocoa flavors drift a bit in intensity and become quite light.  The spicy that balanced in the first third picks up here and seems to have the same intensity level as the earth.  The middle third is quite pleasant but not outstanding.​


There's a huge flavor shift suddenly as I enter the final third.  The coffee and cocoa becomes very intense out of nowhere and the combination of spice and pepper is completely replaced with an earthiness on the exhale.  ​


As with other Oliva releases the burn here is quite sharp and the draw hits that sweet spot.  Total smoking time was an hour and twenty minutes on the button.​


The Oliva Serie G ranges from $4.15 - $5.20 as a single.  ​5 packs are $19 - $24, and a box of 25 ranges significantly from $73 - $113.  You're going to be hard pressed to find enjoyable cigar below the $4 mark, as such this rates as excellent value.

Final Word:

On it's own the Serie G is an enjoyable cigar but nothing spectacular when you pit it against some of the other Oliva offerings such as the Serie V.  At this price point this is a cigar ideally suited for playing golf, mowing the lawn or handing out to friends.  Try the Oliva Serie G for yourself and let us know what you think.


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