This is my review of the Oliva Nub Cameroon 460 in the Torpedo vitola.


I picked up a really interesting combination of earthy and molasses almost approaching a maple syrup.  The nose has me eager to toast and light up.



The Oliva Nub 466 Cameroon box press torpedo from Oliva is a large gauge Nub (4x66) with tasty Nicaraguan tobacco.  I know quite a number of aficionados that are not a big fan of the large gauges.  For me the larger gauge gives you a nice easy draw and maximum flavor in a small cigar.  The wrapper had a nice golden brown color to it, nice cap but there were several nicks present on the foot straight out of the box.



First Third

The first few puffs are met with a nice amount of pepper.  As I continued into the first I start to pick up a creamy and earthy combination.  Each draw was effortless producing a satisfying plume of white, luxurious smoke.  As I enjoy the smoke I had time to appreciate the elegant gold, blue and white band adorning this cigar.  Classy and understated.  As I started to approach the second the flavors morphed into strong woody notes.

Second Third

The second third transformed from the pepper and cream to leave only a rich earth flavor with a woody taste on the exhale.  Not much else going on for the remainder of the second third.

Last Third

In the last third the woody notes fall away and the creamy flavors from the first return.  I'm left with an interesting play of clean woody tastes accented with the sweet creaminess.  Both seem to be in equal balance throughout.



I don't think I've ever had burn issues with Nubs.  They're designed to be an effortless draw and I was never disappointed.  Smoking time was about 45 minutes right on the dot.



The value of the nubs has always been a hot point of discussion.  I was able to snag a box of these from for about $95, and they can typically be found for $110-$130 as a box of 24.  That puts them at the $4.60 - $5.45 range each.  I find that the Nub satisfies a niche where you don't have to sacrifice flavor if you don't have a lot of smoking time.  I don't feel that the price Oliva charges is at a premium for what you get.


Final Word:

The Cameroon Nub is a great cigar for those looking for a light to medium bodied and flavored smoke.  You won't be blown away by overly complex flavors of full bodied strength.  These are an excellent go to for a quick herf or just something that will satisfy you without taking up too much of your time.

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