This is my review of the Oliva Nub 464 Maduro in the Torpedo vitola.


The Nub Maduro had a really interesting nose on it.  I picked up sweet tobacco, coffee and chocolate as well as some light nuttiness.


The Oliva Nub 464 Maduro Torpedo (4 x 64) has a very well constructed and smooth wrapper to it.  The outside is quite dark and has a slight oiliness.  No construction flaws.



The first third was nutty with some solid spice that lingered at the back of my throat on exhale.  The spice stayed around for a few minutes in the beginning but the main flavor becomes nuts and a mixture of light coffee and cocoa.  The strength of the spice flavor continued to fall away as I proceeded to the halfway point of the first third.  The smoke billowing off was a delightful smelling combination of cocoa and oats.


The dominant flavor in the middle was roasted nuts.  The spice became just an after thought.  By the halfway point the coffee and chocolate was barely perceptible.  I feel like the first was building up this nice symphony of flavors and it becomes somewhat flat in the second third.   As I approached the start of the final third I started to pick up some light molasses.


The final transitioned from the light molasses into an earthy and bitter coffee flavor.   Earth becomes the dominant flavor in the final, but at no point is it unpleasant or too bitter.


Some touch ups were required at the start but no burn issues to speak of.  With a 64 gauge cigar there are no draw problems.  Total smoking time was a leisurely hour and twenty minutes.


Singles for the Nub Maduro range in price from approximately $6 - $8.  A 5-pack can be picked up for around $36.  A box of 24 ranges significantly in price from $115 to $162.   At the low end of the spectrum these are a great value at the single or box pricing.

Final Word:

The Nub Maduro 464 Torpedo is a nice short smoke that isn't overly complex.  The flavors are quite enjoyable and if you enjoy the larger gauge cigars you're going to enjoy this one.  If you have tried other Nubs but haven't picked up the Nub Maduro yet, pick up a few of these.

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