This is my review of the Cain F 464T.


This was a really interesting nose.  I picked up a combination of caramel and roasted nuts with a coffee background.


The wrapper on the Cain F 464T was two different shades.  Even with this being a larger ring gauge there were no construction defects to be found.  The cigar was very firm to the touch with no soft spots.



Pepper.  A very significant blast of pepper.  The exhaled smoke on this smells like roasting peanuts.  A few minutes in and the spice gave way.   At this point I was struggling to pick out any distinct flavors.  There is nuts, earth, sweet tobacco yet all of these flavors sat in the background with nothing leaping out.  The spice is the most distinct flavor but it was at the midway point for strength.   The nuts flavor picked up about 10 minutes in to be the same strength level as the spice.  At the halfway point the spice has fallen right off the map and becomes a background flavor like the rest.  It was pleasant, but not a lot else going on in the first.


The start was earthy and nutty, with the earth being the dominant flavor here.  My initial thoughts were that this would pair very well with a black coffee.  There was no spice at all in the middle.  From start to completion an earthiness was the dominant flavor here.


The earth carried through into the final third and was matched with equal levels of leather.  There was some mild sweetness here.  Again, not much else in terms of flavor complexity but I enjoyed the final third more than the middle.


I had some initial challenges lighting it initially, mostly due to the large ring gauge.  Once lit, there were no issues with burn.  Draw on a large gauge cigar like this is always effortless.


Singles of the Cain F Nub 464T range from approximately $6 - $8.   5-packs are typically around $36.   Boxes range anywhere from $130-$162.  At the low end of the cost spectrum I would say these rate in the average category for value.   If the flavor was more complex I would say the lower end of the spectrum offered great value.

Final Word:

The Cain F Nub is a fine cigar, but I definitely prefer the flavor offering from the other Nub lines.  I find them more aligned with my flavor profile preferences.  Many people do not like the large ring gauge of the Nub line.  If you enjoy spice and earth, and a smoke that won't take you several hours, I'd recommend picking up a couple of these to try out. 

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