This is my review of the Nica Libre Potencia in the Belicoso vitola.


The nose on this cigar was outstanding.  I spent about 5 minutes enjoying the cavalcade of wonderful aromas coming off this stick.  I picked up a rich tobacco and earth smell, sweet caramel, dried nuts and some cedar and other wood.


The Nica Libre Potencia Belicoso (5x54) has a golden brown color to it, with a lightly oiled look to the wrapper.  There are flat veins throughout and a flawless triple cap.  The construction on this cigar is top notch.


First Third

With the first few puffs you're met with an intense and serious blast of pepper.  I would rank this as the most spicy cigar I've experience and enjoyed to this point.  Several more puffs in and I got a rich mouthful of chocolate.  As I proceeded into the first third the intense spice starts to drop off, and the spice and chocolate start to find an equilibrium.  I felt that the first third was a rich and satisfying experience.  Another 10 minutes in and I was getting just the hint of peanuts.

Middle Third:

The intense spice from the first third loses its intensity and the chocolate falls off with it.  What you're left with is more of the peanut flavor at the end of the first along with a heavy peaty / hay mouthfeel when you exhale.  It's a smooth transition and it's hard to pinpoint exactly when it switched over.

Last Third

I found the last third to be very earthy.  The hay from the middle third isn't present and there is a nice bit of spice at the end of each draw.  At this point I found that the overall strength of the cigar had really hit home.  I was still thoroughly enjoying the cigar and at no point in the last third was there any bitterness.


I had no issues toasting or lighting, and the cigar burned evenly from start to finish.  Draw found that nice middle ground which kept me smoking at a good space.   Given the strength of this cigar it's not one you want to try and rush.  Total smoking time was about an hour and a half, but I had to stop prematurely for a friends dinner.  I would say total smoking time would have been about an hour and forty five minutes.


After this glowing review you would think that the Nica Libre Potencia would take a hit in the value department.  It turns out to be quite the opposite.  Various vitola's of these routinely for for under $65 a box on CigarBid and around $100 over at Cigars International.   Granted that they are boxes of 20, that works out to somewhere between $3.25 - $5 each.   After reading that it should come as no surprise that I have two boxes sitting in my humidor.

Final Word:

The Nica Libre Potencia Belicoso is an excellent cigar.  I'm happy to have several vitola options in my humidor to match the time frame I have available to enjoy them.  I feel like These could be $165 a box and I would still pick them up, so at sub $110 prices these are a no-brainer.


Pick up a sampler pack try them out for yourself.
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