La Jugada Prieto Robusto (5 x 50)
   Welcome back to The Cigar Collection! Today I have a review for Moya Ruiz Cigars' latest release, La Jugada Prieto. Thanks for sending these my way, Danny and Nelson!
   This cigar has a very beautiful, dark, oily, toothy San Andreas maduro wrapper. There are minimal veins and very tight seams. I sniff the foot and inhale sweet tobacco notes and chocolate. I clip the cap and take a few draws; it is quite open, but not loose. I taste cedar, sweet and spicy tobacco notes, and a little hay from the pre-light draw. 
   Tobacco and earthy spices are the first flavors to hit my palate upon lighting. There is a long spicy-sweet finish with the sweetness lingering on my lips. Steady streams of smoke flow from the foot along with a very pleasant aroma. The draw smoke is thick and savory with light cedar and cocoa notes mingling in with the spices. The finish is long with the spices and sweetness battling for dominance.
   The ash is a very light grey and the char line is near even. Thick smoke exits my nose as I retro-hale and receive heavy doses of black pepper and a campfire like smokiness. This cigar is burning extremely slow yet still putting off heavy amounts of smoke.
   Cedar notes become sweet as the spice backs off a bit and the cocoa alongside some coffee remain more in the finish than in the draw. The cocoa gets to a sweeter point, more chocolate-like, as creaminess enters the flavor profile. Earthy spices dip in and out of the flavor profile. The retro-hale is smoother now as creaminess, cedar, and chocolate overflow the draw. Tobacco spice floats about in mild doses. The finish has smoothed out and has come to a medium length of time.
   Approaching the second third, the smoke is still coming thru sweet and in heavy doses. The finish is still around the same length, but contains more creaminess and cedar alongside earthiness and cocoa. Coffee is barely noticeable on the palate now. A tobacco sweetness appears in the draw and finish. Its strength alone is weak, but it is amplified by some of the other flavor notes.
   The ash falls off in a solid chunk. This cigar is another spicy and sweet fanfare. A little nuttiness sets a place at the table of flavors. The taste is similar to roasted cashews, maybe peanuts. The cigar itself has been an even, consistent smoke.
   No major flavor changes at this point other than the spice tapering down a bit. The finish has become quite dry. As I reach the final third, woodiness and spice pick back up again. Cocoa and coffee notes start to pop as the earthy spices linger on the finish. Alongside the earthy spice notes, cocoa and tobacco spice occupy the finish as well. There is still plenty of smoke coming from the head and foot of the cigar.
   Nicotine has just begun its creep as I finally reach the nub of this cigar. The finish has become long lasting, spicy, and savory. A very consistent, medium-bodied smoke. Cocoa and tobacco sweetness linger on my lips even after the cigar has gone out.
   I enjoyed this cigar and would definitely recommend it to someone who enjoys consistency and typical Nicaraguan flavor notes in a cigar. Thanks again for sending these, Danny and Nelson! And thank you, my readers; I will meet you here next time. Enjoy!

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