Review: Macanudo Cru Royale (Poco Gordo)

Macanudo Cru Royale Poco Gordo (4 x 60)
   Good morning, folks! Today's review is of another cigar sent to me from my good friends at StogieBoys. This is the Macanudo Cru Royale. I had smoked a robusto size the other day and really enjoyed it. After smoking this size, I'll do a little comparison for you to make sure you get the correct vitola for your preference and palate.
   This cigar is a little rustic looking. It's covered in spider veins that are easy to feel. Seams are visible and there are a few big veins. There is a tiny crack in the wrapper, but nothing problematic. The first one of these I smoked was a bit prettier. The cap is a bit sloppy. The packing is tight. Turns out the cap is a triple cap. I detect hay and sweet tobacco off of the cigar and cocoa and barnyard from the foot. I clip the cap to an open draw. Barnyard, sweet tobacco notes and a lip tingling spice greet me.
   I toast the foot of the cigar and receive nice doses of spice and sweetness from the first few puffs. Rich, earthy spice, and slight cocoa notes flow thru the draw smoke. Slight cedar notes follow thru the draw smoke into the finish, which is lengthy at the moment and dominated by black pepper and tobacco spices. The smoke is full and chunky with a little creaminess in the texture. The foot smoke flows in a steady stream. Smoky cedar and black and red pepper spices reveal themselves via retro-hale.
   The sweetness on the finish sets on the lips. Flavors on the finish include tobacco sweetness and cocoa as the spices linger on the back of the tongue and throat. The burn is a little funky but the ash is a nice pale gray, almost white. Cocoa, earthiness, and cedar are the prevalent tasting notes in the draw smoke as the pepper and tobacco spice dominate the finish. Sweet creaminess begins to enter the draw. The ash continues to burn funky, however the ash is looking great.
   I'm picking up sweet woodiness from the draw as the cocoa backs off a bit. Spice still lingers, but in smaller doses, on the finish. It is joined by sweet cream and cocoa. Sweet wood, cocoa, black pepper, and tobacco spice are the dominant flavors within the draw smoke. Creaminess is dying down. The finish retains a neutral cedar flavor with sweet cream and tobacco spice. Retro-haling reveals smoky cedar and a bit of earthy spice.
   To be honest, I smoked the robusto of this cigar, and the flavors seemed more defined and a bit more pleasant. The ash is almost two inches in length, half of the cigar. It falls in my lap right after I take the picture. Damn, I have good timing. The burn line is still funky and quite honestly, irksome. I really don't want to torch it, but I might have to.
   Creamy wood and tobacco notes take over now with the cocoa in the background of the draw smoke. The draw is alright, but it has gotten tighter as I was closing in on the halfway point. I hit the halfway point, two inches.
   Black pepper picks up thru the draw. A syrupy sweetness sits on my tongue as cocoa ramps back up again.
   Let it be known, if you prefer the vitolas of robusto and/or toro, do not chance it by getting this size. However, if you would like to try this cigar, shoot for your comfort zone. It really is a pleasant and tasty smoke, but I discerned much more flavor from the robusto.
   The ash falls after about 3/4 of an inch. I'm picking up a lot of smoky notes between the tobacco spice and woody flavors. Nicotine begins to pick up as I close in on the nub. Cocoa increases a bit, but for the most part, the cigar has lost most of its luster.  The finish is woody and quite short now.
   For those who enjoy this size, I would recommend it as it is a tasty smoke. Those of you like myself who prefer the larger, more even sizes, stick to your comfort zone! (Note: I did smoke the robusto later on and received much more flavor and enjoyment as well as a better draw. All in preference, my friends!)
   Thank you again, Sheryl, and the rest of the crew at StogieBoys. Another good smoke to review! I hope you all enjoy this one if you choose to grab it!

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Comment by Generally Useful Jared on August 16, 2013 at 2:55pm

For those of us who kind of equate "Macanudo" with "mild", this sounds really flavorful! I assumed it would be based on the darker wrapper, but I've never pulled the trigger to find out for sure. Looks like I will need to. Good to know about your experience with other vitolas, as I usually prefer robusto as well, so I'll keep that in mind. Nice review!

Comment by Nate Martin on August 16, 2013 at 3:04pm

Thanks, Jared! Hope you enjoy it as I did. Of course there's alternatives, but it's fairly priced.


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