Macanudo Café Gigante (6 x 60)
   Welcome back, friends! Another review is upon us! Thank you all for following along and being patient as it's taken me a bit to get this one to you. Today, I have the Macanudo Café to review for you. This one is another sent from StogieBoys! I am so spoiled, I'll admit it. Let's begin.
   I remove the cigar from its wrapper and I notice a couple of cracks near the head. This is the second one of these I've smoked out of the set, and the other had no imperfections. Most likely, this occurred either in transition or because of humidor setting fluctuations. Either way, no major issue right now, so let's move on to the rest of the visuals. There are some visible seams and very few veins. I smell sweet, nutty tobacco notes from the foot alongside some hay. A little must and hay notes from the cigar itself.
   I use the punch on the lighter I also received from StogieBoys, which is quite a smooth punch. This time around, however, because of the cracks around the head it causes them to expand. The cigar is still smoke-able, so I toast up.
   I'm greeted with tobacco and coffee flavors upon lighting. An excellent beginning. A bit of black pepper and tobacco spice linger on the back end of the draw and thru the finish. The smoke is dry but full, the draw is nice with a little resistance. Retro-haling is smooth with a bit of tobacco spice.
   Tobacco notes dominate the flavor profile alongside some coffee flavors. A bitter nuttiness appears in the draw as well.
   A creamy texture consumes the smoke now as the nuttiness goes from bitter to sweet. Tobacco spice lingers on my tongue and at the back of my throat. The finish is at a medium length and lasts almost until the next draw. Coffee ramps up a bit with slight hints of cedar in the background.
   Tobacco spice is ever present. The finish is quite dry. Retro-haling reveals meaty smokiness, coffee, and cedar. No other flavor changes thus far. The ash has just fallen for the second time after about an inch.
   Creamy flavors now enter the profile as I begin the second third. Sweet nuttiness returns with some salty notes alongside the consistent tobacco notes. I taste caramel like nuances. The creaminess is sweet and the smoke is full.
   The finish has become dry. Coffee notes are still present but not as dominant. Tobacco, a mild cedar, and coffee are the primary flavors now. Creaminess has all but disappeared. Spice and black pepper pick up as I begin the final third.
   The wrapper unravels and falls off. I get a dose of heavy coffee bean and tobacco. Retro-haling presents full and heavy smoke. The smoke is meaty and I taste a bit of chocolate as the nicotine begins to creep up.
   The finish is dry with spice and mocha like notes. I think I might like this cigar better without the wrapper! Heavy tobacco carries thru the finish until the next draw. I'm getting lots of spice, chocolate, and raisin like flavors.
   I'm finally ready to put this one down in the graveyard. This was a pleasant smoke for sure. Something to smoke on any occasion. It is not a heavy cigar by any means, but the smoke is full and retains good flavors. I recommend you smoke these in the morning with coffee or at night with a light spirit (or even coffee! Coffee good!!!).
   Thank you again, Sheryl and my favorite crew for another cigar to review! Hope you guys enjoyed the review, and I shall see you back here for the next review!

Pictures and other information about the cigar may be found at the original post HERE

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