I honestly do not know much about this company, have heard about this "Lou Rod" cigar line, but that's it. I am excited to get to try this Snub Nose, compliments of Lou Rodriguez Cigars. The wrapper of the Lou Rod Snub Nose is an almost vein-less, natural brown, with smooth seams and smells distinctly like hay, with just a light hint of tobacco. Topped off with a clean, solid cap, this cigar is looking great. The cold draw is effortless and has a slightly sweet hay/tobacco note. No spice on the cold side, but a very pleasant preview.

Once lit, the Lou Rod starts off nicely, with sweet cream and tobacco notes. And, although there was no pepper on the cold draw, there is a welcomed light pepper spice once lit. Towards the end of the first third, a mild nuttiness showed up, and blended in nicely. Despite an even light, the burn is a little wavy, but nothing major. The smoke production is nice and the ash is a nice light grey, but kind of flaky. Flaky or not, the ash held on all the way through this third.

The second third of the Snub Nose changes things up a bit and there is the introduction of some smokey, woods flavors. The pepper has gone to the background and is barely noticeable at this point. The smoke has become a bit dry, unlike the first third, but not at all unpleasant, just dryer. This section ended up being mainly a dry, nutty flavor with a mix of wood notes. At the end of this third, the spice starts to makes it’s return, and really makes for an interesting cigar. The burn evened out and the ash became more solid. Great for such a large ring gauge.

The final third of the Lou Rod Snub Nose gives me a spice kick on the retrohale, that I hadn’t gotten so far. The draw is a clean oak flavor, with some nuttiness in the background, and the dryness from the second third is now gone. The burn and ash are right on too, making for an enjoyable smoke.

I do enjoy a few 6x60 cigars, but I definitely enjoyed the shorter 4-inch form of the Lou Rod Snub Nose. A nice, full ring gauge, in a much shorter time. Definitely a cigar everyone should try, even if you don't like the larger ring gauges. The Snub Nose did not feel all that large in hand and had very nice flavor profiles.


89 - 5-pack I teetered between couple or fiver, but in the end, I would honestly buy a few at a time if I ran across them.

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