This is my review of the Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig.I got this as a personal bomb from a Redditor Litui who came over and had an impromptu herf with me on my patio.


Not a lot of complexity on the nose here.  All I picked up cedar and earth.



This is classic Drew Estates construction.  Flawless cap and foot.  A rich brown wrapper with no soft spots or any indications of flaws.   The wrapper on the FFP is quite rigid, very little give to it.




The first few puffs and I was getting creaminess and spice mixed together.  A few puffs in and I'm getting some raisin flavors.  My initial thoughts are that this is quite a bit smoother than the Undercrown.  About halfway through the first I'm really enjoying it but I feel like I've spoiled myself by previously having a T52.


The second becomes more complex switching into earth and the dried fruit.  A few minutes in and I'm getting another level comprised of nuts and a layer of chocolate.    The middle is definitely the high point here with a nice interplay of complex flavors.


In the final third the flavor starts to drop back to just nuts and earth with a hint of leather notes.   Each exhale left me with a mouthful of smooth creaminess.



As with other Liga Privada cigars, this produces a monstrous amount of smoke.  As it billowed off my balcony I was actually concerned that my neighbors might call to complain about a fire.   Total smoking time was just over two hours.



I received this cigar in a generous trade with a fellow member of /r/Cigars.  Singles of the FFP run around $15 - $16 and a box runs about $150 - $160.   As with the T52 and No. 9 series, it becomes more about the availability than the price.  With that said, I don't feel that the FFP merits a higher price point than the T52 or No. 9.

Final Word:

The Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig is a fantastic cigar but I feel as if I've enjoyed the top of the line offering of the T52 which has impacted my taste rating for the other products.   I would say that this ranks as my second favorite cigar from Drew Estates.   If you haven't had the opportunity to try one yet I would definitely recommend you pick one up.

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