Today I am doing a review as I smoke

(normally I takes notes and do the review later), so this

may be a little different than other reviews you have seen

from me. I just cut and lit a Trident (7 x 50) which will

run you about $9 to $10. I have had the Sprite, Prince, and

Divine before and enjoyed them, so I am looking forward to

this being just as good. At the 10 minute mark, it is

starting off nice and bold, with hints of pepper.



The draw is great and it’s producing some

great thick white smoke. Since this is larger size, I don’t

have to worry about taking the massive (and beautiful) band

off just yet. At the 25 minute mark, this is going to be a

long smoke (and I have plenty of time, so this is good), I

am getting some strong pepper in the throat feeling – I

don’t know if that’s because I am just coming off a cold

where I laid in bed for 3 days straight or it’s just a

strong stick.



It’s something I enjoy but if you don’t like

that feeling, I wanted to make a note of it. At the 40

minute mark, my mouth is getting a little dry – Time for a

Lager draft. Still full bodied and the burn and draw is

still consistent and the flavors have warmed up nicely.

Really enjoying this one. At the half way point I finally

had to remove the band which revealed the smaller band

underneath it. You definitely want to have a drink around

with this one, as it does tend to dry your mouth out. The

flavor is consistent and the burn and draw have been dead




It is getting stronger as I go along and the

pepper has returned but not as “throaty” as it was earlier.

As the ¾ mark approaches, the Trident is the strongest of

the La Sirenas I have had so far, and the longest smoke. I

am about 90 minutes in and still have a good 30 mins left

and not much have changed since the half way.



In conclusion,

I learned a few things from this review.  One is that I

prefer to make small notes and do more reviews when I am

done and that the La Sirena line is quickly becoming one of

my favorites. I strongly would suggest you give one a try,

you won’t be disappointed.



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Comment by Cigar Federation on November 29, 2011 at 3:45am
Very cool! Good review.
Comment by Stick Review on November 30, 2011 at 12:59am

Thank You!


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