Brand: La Aurora

Line: ADN

Size: Robusto (5 x 50)

Wrapper: Cibao valley (Dominican Republic)

Binder: Cameroon (África)

Filler: Cibao valley (Dominican Republic), Pennsylvania, Nicaragua, Andullo

MSRP: $7.25

Cigars smoked for review: 1

Cigars provided by: La Aurora/Miami Cigars

Note: For this review I used Cigar Federation's rating system

The La Aurora ADN uses Andullo tobacco in the filler. Using this leaf La Aurora pays tribute to the oldest Dominican Tobacco process. After curing, Andullo tobacco is tightly rolled into a log for fermentation. Typically this type of tobacco is cut, but La Aurora has found a way to remove full leaves from the fermented log of tobacco for use in this cigar.


The wrapper appeared light brown with some darker spots and many noticeable veins. The wrapper had a very oily sheen to it and despite the veins, had a smooth overall appearance. The prelight draw had black pepper spice with some leather and hay qualities.

First third:

The first third starts off with a red pepper spice on the palate and black pepper spice on the retrohale. The spice is really in the forefront but there is also a wood flavor and a hint of sweetness in the background that tends to linger as part of the finish after the spice subsides.

After about ½ inch the pepper really backs off giving way to sweet and wood flavors. The sweetness had a caramel and toasted sugar quality to it, and I also picked up some roasted nut flavors in the background. The first third is medium body and medium plus in strength.

Second third:

Going into the second third the pepper is really fading into the background and the smoke takes on a very creamy texture. Cedar wood flavors with some honey sweetness and toasted oat qualities make up the flavors. There is a light touch of earthy flavors in the mix, but it is a dryer earthy quality, and not the darker soily quality that is most often associated with earthy flavors. The sweetness is still there and takes on some malty qualities. At this point the cigar is medium body and medium strength.

About halfway through the cigar there is a pretty significant profile change. The pepper and spice qualities vanish and the cigar transitions to a very creamy and woody profile, with a touch of sweetness in the background. With this transition the cigars turns into more of medium body and mild-medium strength cigar.

Final third:

The flavor profile does not transition again going into the final third and the flavors seem much less complex than the first two thirds, but the overall flavor profile is really nice and enjoyable. Cream, cedar wood and that sweetness continue to the end of the cigar.

Final thoughts:

This cigar really begs you to smoke it slowly and will remind you with some bitterness if you are puffing too frequently. I don’t mind this at all since I tend to be a slow smoker, but this could be a problem for people who like to get through a robusto in about an hour flat. I really liked the complexity of the first half and then the smooth easy profile of the second half. The first half really demands your attention and then you can just relax and enjoy the second half. I think this cigar would pair really nicely with some coffee or rum.

Total smoking time was about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Jason’s rating: 89 (aka a “five pack”)

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Comment by Jeff LaPlante on February 16, 2018 at 1:33pm

Great review! I really liked this one. Plus, they can be had for very reasonable prices.


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