I picked up a leathery earth combination with a medium pepper.  Very interesting nose on this.


The La Aurora 107 Robusto (4 1/2 x 50) has a gold, yellow and white band with a picture of a lion.  There was a long flat vein running down the underside of the cigar.  No flaws to be found on the cap, wrapper or foot. 


First Third

With the initial draw I was met with a deep spice that lingered on exhale.  There are hints of molasses and lots of aged leather as I continue in the first.  Each draw produces a satisfying thick and silky smoke.  The deep spice builds as I proceeded into the first and it's combined with a strong earth.  There's also a sweet tobacco flavor, but it's almost an afterthought as it is completely dominated by the other flavors here.

Middle Third

The middle third is a combination of the strongest flavors of leather and earth I've ever experienced.  The spice from the first drops to the background.  Much like the sweet tobacco it's just completely dominated here.  As I proceeded there was an interesting aftertaste that I couldn't initially identify.  My guess would be rolled oats.

Last Third

The leather and earth from the middle continues into the third but drops off a bit in intensity.  About halfway through the third the leather and earth is overshadowed by a raw mixed nuts.


The draw on the 107 was absolutely effortless throughout.  No issues with burn from start to finish and total smoking time was approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.


Singles of the La Aurora 107 Robusto are available from $5.50 - $7, 5-packs at $31 and a box of 21 from $95-$125.  This is a very affordable cigar even for the budget conscious.   The other vitolas can be had for similar prices.

Final Word:

The La Aurora 107 Robusto was a nice smoke but the flavor doesn't fall into the profile of what I enjoy.  If you're looking for a cigar with a rich and complex earthy and leather combination with a medium amount of spice, this is a great choice for you.

As always flavor is highly subjective and although the La Aurora 107 wasn't what I enjoy I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

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