Review: King of Kings Broadleaf by Kings Cigars

Originally released as a single-vitola Limited Edition, the King of Kings Broadleaf is the fourth offering from relative newcomer Kings Cigars behind the Baron, Conte and King of Kings Habano.  The King of Kings Broadleaf is now available in 5 different vitolas - a 5x52 Robusto, 6x50 Toro, 6.5x54 Torpedo, 7x52 Churchill and the original 6x64 Box-Pressed Cuadrado - due to the popularity and demand of the original. I'm not extremely familiar with Kings Cigars so I'm eager to see what this offering is like.  Let's check it out...

King of Kings Broadleaf by Kings Cigars

Size: 5x52

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

 Binder: Habano Criollo

Filler: Proprietary Blend of Nicaraguan Tobacco

Cigars Smoked for this Review: Two

Price Point: $7.60

Cigar Purchased: Samples

Quick Note: For this review I used the CF rating system. You can view it in detail here.

The wrapper is a dark chocolate brown with minimal veins and minor visibility of the seams.  The band is eye-catchingly ornate - a black band with gold triming and red and blue accents.  As with other Kings Cigars offerings, a crown sits atop the band resting on, in the case of the King of Kings, a coat of arms.  Below the coat of arms reads 'King of Kings'.

The aroma off the foot gives off no discernible scents beyond tobacco.  As I clip the cap and take some pre-light draws, I'm met with some chocolatey sweetness along with some sweet earth.

Holy shit this is powerful off the light.  A strong, powerful shot of pepper off the light almost makes my eyes tear. As I continue into the first inch, the power scales back, but the pepper remains through the nose.  The dominant flavors on the front are earth with a faint bitter sweetness, but the pepper on the finish stays with you in between draws.  Draw is perfect - just the right amount of resistance.  Burn isn't poker-straight, but is pretty perfect.The flavors continue to mellow.  I'm about two and a half inches in, and while the ash is bending pretty hardcore, its showing no signs of falling off.  At this point, I have to knock it off unfortunately because I put the cigar down for not much more than 60 seconds and it went out.  As I relight, the cigar has moved away from any notes of sweetness and is now primarily giving me an earthy flavor with dominant spice from the tip of the tongue all the way through the retrohale. Flavors hold pretty consistent all the way through.  Not that complex, and I don't think the flavors were amazing, but this was a solid smoking experience.

I will point out that the construction on this was remarkable.  Its been extremely cold in the Northeast - negative degrees today - and I've been having wrapper issues with every cigar I've smoked.  Not only did the King of Kings burn perfectly with no construction issues, but the ash held on for a solid inch-plus throughout.  Worth noting.

I won't claim that this is a cigar to go out and get immediately.  I won't even claim that this is a cigar that you always need to have in your humidor, but if you like a fuller-bodied cigar with a lot of spice, I think you'll enjoy the experience, and I definitely see myself smoking this again.

Rating: 85 AKA “A Couple"

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Comment by Dave Nichols on March 5, 2015 at 9:17am

This sounds like a cigar I would really enjoy. A lot of PA broadleafs popping up here lately. I like it!

Comment by Charlie on March 5, 2015 at 11:18am

My B&M got every single cigar in the King of Kings line...I was looking at this Broadleaf blend but haven't made it around to picking any up yet....


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