This is my review of the J. Fuego Origen Corona Maduro (5.5 x 46).   I won this cigar ​from Cigar Brief in their Foxtoberfest giveaway.


​Picked up a nice waft of coffee and some sweet tobacco.  I'm eager to light this stogie up.


The wrapper was very dark with some uneven colored spots.  There were thin veins running the length of the cigar, but no constructions issues at all.​



The first starts with a huge spice blast.  My lips are burning slightly as if I've bit into a habanero pepper.   Lots of dark bitter chocolate as I get several puffs in.  There's a slight hint of dark coffee that covers the inside of your mouth.  The first is not very sweet at all but packs a ton of flavor.  The closest match I can think of is like a chocolate stout.   About 10 minutes in and there's a wave of sweetness.  I'm picking up honey with the chocolate now but more of an afterthought to each draw.  


There's bitterness as it moves into the middle, and it isn't chocolate.  The middle is more coffee than chocolate and the bitterness falls off.  The honey sweetness that was present at the end of the first falls right off as you approach the middle of the second.  I feel the tobacco strength of this cigar started to kick in here. ​


​Again there's bitterness transitioning from the middle third to the final third.  The taste isn't like loam or earth but more like coffee beans that have been over roasted or over extracted.   The bitterness falls off and the final is almost entirely dominated by coffee flavors.  My fingers start to feel the heat as I smoke the cigar to the nub.


Straight as an arrow on the burn.  Total smoking time was 1 hour 50 minutes.   I cut with a guillotine and the draw was just where I like it.​


​The J. Fuego Origen Corona Maduro can be found for $5 - $6 for singles, $25 for a 5 pack and a box of 21 for $110 or a bundle of 25 for $90.   This is an excellent value given the amount of flavor packed in this stick.  I've smoked cigars at the $10+ price range that didn't pack as much flavor or strength.

Final Word:

This is an outstanding cigar.  I've already played some cigar Tetris in the humidor to make room for a box of these on my next order. ​ You have a fantastic amount of flavor and strength at a price point that should be affordable for all aficionados   You'll want to pick up a few of these to try for yourself.


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