One of the newest offerings from J&D Cigars is the Allure Habano, which comes in a Toro. I have an original Allure Torpedo in my humidor, but I have been holding on to that for almost a year now. So this will be my first J&D cigar. But, enough with the boring stuff.

I received this cigar from J&D Cigar, for which I am very appreciative, but I want to assure you that it does not affect my review. This cigar is very new and there is not any information out there, so I had no idea what to expect.
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The cigar itself smells of sweet tobacco and has a very smooth, light brown wrapper. The construction is very good and there are no obvious flaws or large veins. The cold draw is similar, but with a spicy, black pepper note. It's quite tasty, so I am very interested in lighting up this Allure Habano.
The first third starts with a very nice sweetness, that reminds me a lot of Black & Milds. There is a nice bit of spice, that isn't overpowering, but instead makes it very interesting. I keep getting leathery notes and a smooth, sweet tobacco flavors. All these seem to take turns being in the forefront.
As I get to about the second third of the J&D Allure Habano I start to get a little bit of nuttiness, that quickly builds into a very strong nuttiness. There is still the spicy pepper that has been waxing & waning throughout. Towards the end of this section there is a prominent citrus note, but it only lasts for a short while.
The rest of the J&D Allure Habano is a rollercoaster of sweet tobacco, nuts and spice. It was a very complex smoke, with lots of strong flavors, and it keeps you on your toes.
The entire time I was smoking this I kept thinking to myself, "This cigar is good. But I am not in love." I said that for two hours and ended up smoking it to a nub. Soooooo, I guess I liked it a bit more than I was thinking. :)

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