La Galera is Jochy Blanco's first release under IndianHead cigars.  Jochy and Tabacalera Palma recently acquired IndianHead from former owner Bill Bock. Below is the full press release with all the details.

Tabacalera Palma manufacturer of Aging Room Cigars, Señorial, Black Abyss, among others, is proud to announce its continued expansion into the US market with the acquisition of IndianHead Cigars. When former owner Bill Bock was about to retire, the only name that came to mind to continue his legacy was that of Jochy Blanco, longtime friend, and owner of Tabacalera Palma.

IndianHead Cigars already has established amazing trademarks to mention a few: Cuban Twist, Dynamite, Cuban Aristocrat, Rough Ryder Sweets, Premium Value Honduran, American Stogies and Tropical Delights.  “I am going to continue providing these great products from Honduras & Nicaragua and make them better; keeping in mind the retailers who supported the brands from day one and introducing them to new tobacconists as well” said Jochy Blanco. “I have appointed, Fabian Barrantes as Director of Marketing & Sales, whom with his vast knowledge, sense of ethics and ample experience within the industry will help with the expansion of the existing brands as well as the realization of future projects.”

“I want to start off this venture by complementing it with a very exciting launch; my new Premium Cigar Brand called: La Galera. La Galera is the heart of every cigar factory. It’s where the magic takes place; where cigars are produced. I’ve had this brand in mind for many years but I really feel that now is the right time to bring it to life. I can’t wait until all Cigar Aficionados get a chance to enjoy some of the finest tobaccos I have ever harvested.

La Galera Habano is available in four sizes in the US.  There are three additional sizes available on the European market.

US Sizes

  • 5 x 50 Robusto "Chaveta"  MSRP $6.20
  • 6 x 54 Toro "El Lector" MSRP $7.00
  • 6.25 x 52 Torpedo "Cortador" MSRP $7.00
  • 6.25 x 60 Gordo "Pilones" MSRP $8.20

European Sizes

  • 7.25 x 38 Lancero “Perillas” MSRP $7.00 USD | $6.27 Euro
  • 5.5 x 42 Corona Gorda “Bonchero No.4”  MSRP $4.90 USD | $4.39 Euro
  • 7 x 47 Churchill “Cabeza Caracol” MSRP $7.50 USD | $6.72 Euro

La Galera Habano

Size: 5 x 50

Vitola: "Chaveta" Robusto

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador

Binder: Dominican Corojo

Filler: Piloto Cubano, Criollo 98, Pelo de Oro

Production: Regular Production

MSRP: $6.20

Samples smoked for review: 2

Cigars for review were provided by IndianHead Cigars

Note: I used the CigarFederation Rating System


Pre-Light: First off, the La Galera Habano is a good looking cigar.  I'm a sucker for old school ornate bands and this one grabbed my attention.  The Ecuadoran Habano had a nice look and feel to it as well.  Everything about the look of La Galera is classic.

The wrapper gave off interesting notes of earth and barnyard with a cinnamon spice.  The cold draw was clean and tasted of baking spice, dough and milk chocolate.

Beginning: White pepper and baking spice came on pretty strong in the early going.  The spice was big on the retro while notes of cedar, raisins and earth settled on the palate.  There was a minor note of that "Dominican twang" that we talk about, but it was in the background.  Notes of cinnamon picked up as the first third came to an end.  I was deeply impressed by the first third.

Middle: The spice didn't back off as we entered the middle third, but it kind of smoothed out.  In fact, everything smoothed out.  White pepper and baking spices were joined by a mild milk chocolate on the retrohale.  The palate was hit with creamy notes of cedar, raisins, earth and a mild nuttiness.  The balance of earth and spice was impeccable and there was an evolving sweetness that set things off nicely.

End: The spice ramped back up at the perfect time.  That might be the only time I have ever said that.  That evolving sweetness took a step forward as we transitioned into the final third and the spice on the retro followed suit. The earthy and nutty notes took a back seat to the sweet and spicy for the last inch or so.  The strength never surpassed the medium range, but some folks may see this as a medium-plus.

Final Thoughts: La Galera is a phenomenal blend with precise balance and wonderful transitions.  I think that basically sums it up.

Rating: 93 aka "Box-Split"

La Galera is a beautiful blend and is priced to be an "everyday" smoke.  On top of that it's one of the best cigars I have smoked this year.

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Comment by Jeff M. on April 18, 2016 at 7:20am

I've been waiting for someone the review these.  They sound very good.  No doubt they are worth a try.

Comment by Jason Meyers on April 18, 2016 at 10:11am

I had the opportunity to try the toro size and had a very similar experience. I think it's a great smoke. I'm going to see if I can pick up some more of these in the robusto size. 

You nailed it with how well balanced this cigar is. 

Comment by RobbyRas on April 18, 2016 at 10:58am

Jeff -  Yeah man, clearly I was impressed with this one... I know they are available in stores, but I haven't researched much to see who has them...

Comment by RobbyRas on April 18, 2016 at 11:02am

Jason - Nice!  I'm glad you liked it.  I'd love to try a few of the Euro sizes (corona and lancero)... I liked the robusto a lot... i'd actually be curious how the bigger RGs are considering the fillers here...

Comment by Charlie on April 18, 2016 at 3:52pm

I've only heard great things about this blend...a buddy of mine cant quit smoking them...

Comment by Vincent Scott Beaver on April 18, 2016 at 5:23pm
Only have had 1 , but was definitely pleased. Will smoke again.


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