Partagas is a brand that is hit and miss with me, with more misses it seems then hits really.  That could be due to a relatively large line, that I normally gravitate to the smaller cigars.  The Partagas D4 is a must try, and legendary amongst Habanos smokers, and to be truthful, I think it sucks.  I have never had an 8-9-8 that has blown my mind either.  However, the shorts are an island smoke, and old Lusi is one of my favorite double corona, so I am always game to check out anything from Partagas as I never know if it will hit my palate right.  Going in to the D5, I assume this is nothing more than a shorter D4.  What I find odd is it tends to be a bit more expensive then the D4, which is probably why I have shied away from it.  Class was only a few hours away in this instance, and my time slot to sneak one in was perfect, given my need to do some light reading this fine afternoon.

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Comment by Charlie on June 27, 2014 at 10:19am

I have had some very good D5's over the last 2 years. The construction is always good but the flavor and strength can be a little inconsistent at times. The last one I smoked was like at the full end of full in strength and body. I noticed that the darker the wrapper the earthier the flavors are.


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