Blended by Russ Ouellette, Fusilier's Ration bears a great similarity to the classic Bengal Slices, by design. Using dark latakia tobacco with oriental, Virginia and a touch of black cavendish, this was a very unique blend to me. Of course, the old fashioned top dressing, added for a light scent may have something to do with it.

Fusiliers Ration

Company: Hearth & Home

How Packaged: 1.5oz Tin

Style: English

Tobacco Used: Black Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia

Casing/Topping: An old fashioned top dressing

Cut: Krumble Kake

Bowls Smoked: 2

Date Purchased/Obtained: 6/10/15

Storage Method: Mason Jar

Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge

Price Point: $

Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

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Tin/Jar Note

The aroma off this tobacco is great. It has the usual campfire note, with some great smokey woods notes. But there is also a caramelized sweetness note poking through, though it is a heavily smoked sweetness.

Visual: Hard pressed block of dark tobaccos. You can see the black cavendish and Latakia, with speckles of golden Virginia.

Flavors: The flavors keep alternating between the slight sweetness of the black cavendish and the strong bite of the Oriental. It was a very different flavor than I have gotten from any other pipe tobacco. This definitely doesn't seem like a good tobacco for a beginner, but it's great for a more experienced smoker.

Smoking Experience: This particular blend was actually tougher to keep lit than most. It took a a good bit of flame to get this pipe lit, but the it would burn fairly well, and then fade out. I think it was just the way this tobacco broke up from the press. 

Tobacco Strength: Mild +

Body: Medium +

Room Note: Decent. 

Comparable Tobacco: This one is in a league of its own. Never had anything that tasted like this.

Conclusion: Fusilier's Ration is definitely an enjoyable & smokable tobacco. There are a lot of different flavors to pay attention to, but the burn problems were a bit of a turn off for me. And really, the bite I was getting wasn't really something I liked, at least not on the evening that I was smoking.

Rating: 2/5 AKA “Only when it's free”

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Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on June 29, 2015 at 4:20am

Good review. I thought the same exact thing when I smoked it. The cake form it comes in doesn't make it super easy to prepare or smoke. When it does burn it is decent but there are many other things I would rather smoke.


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