Gurkha Blue Steel Torpedo No. 1 (6.5 x 53)

   Today's review is of the Blue Steel cigar from Gurkha in the torpedo size. This was a two part cigar for me because of a midnight emergency with one of the kiddos. I will follow my notes from yesterday morning and the night before (the times I was smoking) and you will see the progression of the cigar from each part.
   At first light, the draw is smooth; not too tight and not too loose. The smoke from the draw is light and airy with a short and slightly dry finish. The foot burns slowly but has plenty of smoke output. I taste nuttiness and woody flavors, possibly oak and cedar. Smokiness and pepper are the flavors from retro-haling; at this point there's not too much spice thru the nose.
   Into the second third, the woody flavor increases with a slight cocoa flavor. Shortly after I reach the second third is when I let my cigar go out for my little midnight excursion. The next morning I relight the cigar with no problem (at the halfway mark) and continue my smoke.
   On this morning the second third brings my palette earthy nuttiness and a mouth-warming spice. The presence of the cocoa flavor is much more distinguished and the finish is longer than in the first third but is still quite short. The color of the ash is gray; it is compact and holds for about 3/4 of an inch before falling off. From the morning re-light the smoke output is not as fluid as the night prior's. There is a tighter draw as if I were lighting a fresh cigar. The burn line is wavy but with nothing to complain about and is still smoking slowly.
   I taste a creaminess from the draw and on the finish as the final third approaches. Cocoa and light espresso flavors become more prominent in the final third. A more earthy tobacco flavor comes to fruition in the now longer finish. A slight woody taste still lingers in the draw with the creaminess fading from the flavor profile.
   This cigar is most complex not so much in the flavors, but in the way they are delivered thru the progression of the cigar. This particular stick is mild to medium in strength and medium in flavor; it becomes more of a medium-full flavored cigar in the final third.
   Hints of cedar trickle into the back of my palette and the retro-hale. More of a warm bittersweet chocolate flavor comes thru into the finish nearing the end of this cigar.
   I really enjoyed this cigar for it's warming flavors and the complexity of the construction. A beautiful stick with tasty attributes.
   Thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoy this cigar as much as I did! Until the next one...
The full review with pictures, cigar stats, and more can be found here:

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Comment by Generally Useful Jared on August 8, 2013 at 9:40pm
That's the best sounding Gurkha review I've ever read. Literally.

Comment by Nate Martin on August 8, 2013 at 11:07pm

Thanks, so much, Jared! Glad you enjoyed it!


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