Review: Garo Edicion Limitada 2010

Another nice looking, well constructed cigar from Garo. The red white and gold band is the best looking of the three so far and the secondary band denoting 2010 LE adds a nice touch. Clean seams and even packing. The wrapper leaf is clean, with small veins and a little toothiness to it.  

Edicion Limitada 2010 by Garo Cigars

Size: 6x58

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: Ecuador HBA

 Binder: Olor Dominican

Filler: 'Special Blend'

Cigars Smoked for this Review: One

Price Point: ?

Cigar Purchased: Samples

Quick Note: For this review I used the CF rating system. You can view it in detail here.

The pre-light aroma is quite pleasing, with semi-sweet notes of cedar and sweet cream. There is also a background hint of tobacco spice, that just seems to be peeking it’s head out and I’ll have to see if it come through once lit. The cold draw definitely shows the spiciness I was picking up from the wrapper and foot. Along with a large amount of dry cedar spice.

The first third of the Garo 2010 LE starts off just as the pre-light hinted it would. A creamy cedar note is dominating and I can get hints of the spice I found on the cold draw. There is also an interesting citrus note mixed in the creaminess, that really shows up on the finish. At times, I also detect a small amount of saltiness, tied into the citrus. The burn is a bit wavy, but it’s nothing critical and the ash is pretty solid. This is another heavy duty smoke machine, which is just fun.

Transitioning into the second third, the Garo 2010 LE is smooth, medium bodied and strength and full of a clean cedar flavor. The finish has a sweet cream-like finish, which is smooth and creamy, but with a slight dry cedar bite. And the finish is actually quite long now, lingering fully from puff to puff. The burn has evened out, staying right in line and creating a nice tight ash.

The Garo 2010 LE ends on another high note. The profile has become this great, smooth cedar and cream, with a long, citrusy finish. As I neared the end of this cigar, the profile made a quick turn in flavor and became very nutty. The cream and cedar went away and the finish became similar to that left behind after eating some raw cashews and was very pleasant.

Garo’s 2010 Edicion Limitada is definitely the high point of this line for me. There were lots of well formed and pleasant flavors, which hit me just right. Flavorful and a solid medium strength, combined with great construction to make for an enjoyable smoke. This isn’t one of my favorite smokes, but it is a solid choice I’d have no problem smoking.

86 - AKA “A Couple”

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