Review: Felix Assouline Havana Sunrise Reserve

The other night I had just enough time to smoke this Felix Assouline Havana Sunrise Reserve, given to me by Michel Malek. It’s a nice looking, little box press with a smooth body, and a bumpy cap with a few creases in the top triple cap. But, otherwise good construction. The wrapper smelled like fresh cut, snuff tobacco, with a hint of earth/hay. I cut the cap with a guillotine and found the draw to be a bit tighter than expected. The cold draw was that of semi-sweet tobacco and some woodiness.

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The first third of the Havana Sunrise Reserve was mostly woody and leather notes for me. The burn was very nice and the ash was a tight, solid, light grey and held on well. Smoke production was there, but not too heavy, due to the tighter draw. Although, this tightness was not affecting the smokabliity of this cigar at all. As I neared the end of this third, I got blasted with a VERY defined cedar flavor. This third was definitely a medium for me.

The Havana Sunrise Reserve’s second half started with this cedar note, but went out about halfway into this section, for no reason I could see. A quick ash, purge and relight and things were back on track. After this, the draw began to loosen up and with it, the smoke production increased nicely. Also, at this point, the profile switches to wood and chocolate flavors. Just before I started the last third, I began to get intermittent kicks of spice. I would say this third was still medium, but much fuller on flavor.

The Havana Sunrise Reserve really ramped it up for a big finale in the final third. That spice, which was only present on the retrohale in the first two thirds and kicking in on the last of the second, really ramps up. I am getting a bunch of toasty, wood flavors and the burn & smoke are running along nicely. Just as I neared the end, I got a very pleasant surprise. All of a sudden there was an unmistakable flavor of toasted marshmallow. Unexpected, for sure, but very welcome.

All-in-all, except for that one burn out, the Felix Assouline Havana Sunrise Reserve burned perfectly, with nice tight ashes that always made it to my ashtray. To be completely honest, it just didn't hit my palette in the correct spots for the majority of the cigar. Not sure why, but I always try to be honest here. So, I also have to admit, that it is definitely worth a smoke, if for nothing else, solely to try and get that toasted marshmallow hit at the end. :)

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Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on January 31, 2014 at 8:55pm

Surprised you had time to review anything with the new baby :)

Comment by 007MI6 on January 31, 2014 at 8:56pm

You know it....I barely got that one fit in there. ;)


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