The Ezra Zion Tantrum box pressed Prensado Pequeño came to me by way of a care package that Kyle and Chris from Ezra Zion had sent to me when I was travelling to the US for the 2013 Chicago Tweetup.  I also had the fortune of smoking it during the Cigar Federation virtual herf on October 28th with Kyle and Chris of Ezra Zion Cigars.  It wasn’t until later how fortunate I was to get my hands on a Ezra Zion Tantrum.




Careful examination with my nose revealed chocolate with a deep aged wood smell.


The Ezra Zion Tantrum comes in a box pressed Prensado Pequeño vitola measuring 4.4” x 44 ring gauge.  Production of the Tantrum was extremely limited with only 1,500 boxes of 28 cigars released for the entire world. 

The blend itself contains Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged between 5 and 7 years.  Ezra Zion defines this cigar as “a little baby powerhouse”. 




First Third

Very complex mouthful of complex and rich spices to start the first third.  There is some leather present on the post-draw but it doesn’t overpower the spice notes.   Even here in the first third you really feel the tobacco strength hitting home.  Nothing like some Nicaraguan ligero to keep me warm in 19.4 F weather. 

There’s a transition while still in the first third where the Tantrum starts delivering light nutty flavors at around the 25 minute mark.   There’s also some earthy tones as the cigar transitions thirds.

Kip Fisher of The Cigarmy was on the Cigar Federation Monday hangout and likened the opening to a leafy wasabi which I felt really captured the nuanced flavors.

Middle Third

The earth builds at the start of the second third and I would rate it as quite strong.  Some leather comes through again here at a medium strength level but the earthy notes really make it a background flavor. 

At the halfway point there is some sweetness.

Overall flavor complexity and balance hits its stride at the close of the second third.


Last Third

The tobacco strength is really hitting home by the last third.  This little cigar is very much at the full end of the strength spectrum. 

Some of the spices from the first third come back here and the flavors are quite balanced.



The ash held well here with a nice straight burn.  No issues with draw.  Total smoking time was a careful 1 hour and 14 minutes.


With a limited run of only 1,500 boxes the Tantrum should be picked up sooner rather than later.  Singles can be had for around $9.50, 5-packs at $48 and a 28 count box for $266.  Given how much flavor this cigar delivers, and how limited the production run was, this is an outstanding value.

Final Word:

I really enjoy finding excellent cigars like this but in a lot of ways it’s a mixed blessing.  Sometimes you find out about a great release like the Tantrum and by the time you decide you want to pick it up all the boxes have been snapped up.  Fortunately I’ll be able to get my hands on a box which is going to find a nice comfortable home at the back of my humidor.  This cigar without a doubt makes my ‘best of 2013’ cigar list, if I were to publish such a list.  The Ezra Zion Tantrum is a full bodied and full strength cigar.  Do not let the vitola fool you, this cigar will sit you down hard if you’re not careful.  Again this cigar is a very limited release so if you’re considering them you should jump on the purchase sooner rather than later.



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Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on December 20, 2013 at 8:09am

Great review. I agree with your thoughts here. I did think the the "wasabi" was more of a jalapeno flavor, but it is all relative. I know I will be getting some more in the store for sure before they are gone, since they are limited editions.

Comment by Nomad Cigar Company on December 20, 2013 at 1:29pm

Great review...great stick!

Comment by Echo Six Kilo on December 21, 2013 at 1:03pm

Thank you for you kind words and a great review!!!


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