Review: Espinosa Maduro Corona Gorda

I have definitely become a fan of the Espinosa lines, and the Espinosa Maduro hasn't swayed me otherwise. Big fan of the La Zona Connecticut and the awesome looking La Bomba Warhead, and the Espinosa Maduro comes in right after them. I purchased this corona gorda vitola from my local Spec's, and thought the $6.49 wasn't a bad retail price at all. The Espinosa Maduro is a nice, clean looking cigar, that fits in my hand just perfectly, and I am excited to fire it up.

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The maduro wrapper has a smooth, almost velvety appearance and the pigtail cap give that extra punch. The pre-light gave off smells of sweet tobacco and cocoa and tingled the inside of my nose. The lines were tight and barely visible, and a quick clip of the cap showed a perfectly smooth draw. So, construction on the Espinosa Maduro seems to be spot on. The cold draw tasted of a slight sweetness and some chocolate notes, and maybe just a bit of earthiness.

The Espinosa Maduro starts of with TONS of THICK smoke. I mean, I'm outside and it just clouds my vision like I'm walking through a forest fire. The first puff is creamy, thick and slightly sweet with a bite. A couple puffs into it the profile changes up, and for a few puffs I am afraid I won't like the Espinosa Maduro. But, that fear quickly fades as the profile transitions into a rich earth, with chocolate notes and a spice in the background. The burn is straight and the smoke is just pouring out.

The second third starts out similar to the first, with thick earth and chocolate notes. But then starts to develop a nice little coffee hit, that just perfectly rounds out this cigar. The retrohale has a pretty strong bite to it and the smoke is simply amazing. This is where the Espinosa Maduro really starts to impress me and I am glad I lit this up.

The last third holds up much the same as the second did. The burn got a little off a couple times and I had to touch it up, but it never needed to be relight. My attention to detail tapered off towards the end of this one, sorry, as I was simply enjoying it. The ash kept holding on for about an inch at a time and was a very light grey with some charcoal bands. 

A solid medium-full cigar for me, with rich, full-bodied flavors and great construction. I love maduros, and this little Espinosa did not disappoint. 

Size: 5 5/8"×46

Vitola: Corona Gorda

Wrapper: Mexican Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

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Comment by RobbyRas on October 25, 2013 at 10:05am

I love the Corona Gorda size they offer here... I've seen Corona Gordas that are MASSIVE, but this one might be my favorite size... nice review...


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