Review: Espinosa Laranja Reserva DeSocio

At the beginning of the 2016 year, it was announced that Alliance Cigars, a wholesale cigar distributor, would teaming up with Espinosa Premiums Cigars to create a new vitola for the Laranja Reserva line. The vitola would be made exclusively for Alliance Cigars, and it would be the sixth addition in the DeSocio lineup. The DeSocio lineup began in 2013 and has been composed of limited and regular production vitolas that are unique in size to the national offerings of their respective lines. The Laranja Reserva DeSocio would be the fifth addition to the Laranja Reserva line for Espinosa, and it is a line that is catching the spotlight for Espinosa. I have been a fan of Laranja Reserva since the beginning, I love the Caixa, so I am looking forward to seeing how this perfecto smokes.  

Cigar: Espinosa Laranja Reserva DeSocio

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: La Zona

Wrapper: Brazilian Laranja

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Length: 5 5/8"

Ring Gauge: 54

Vitola: Perfecto

The DeSocio is a nice fat figuardo and the tapered finish is quite lovely. The bands really pop off the solid Colorado wrapper, and it is an oily wrapper. There is a minor bit of tooth present and there are some small sized veins present throughout. The figurado is firm and you can tell it is rolled well. The foot of the cigar has some spicy notes and it is showing some red pepper with tobacco, oak and leather qualities. The wrapper is showing some similar notes, but it has some natural earthiness present as well.

The first third begins by showing some black coffee flavors and it is paired with a nice soft peppery spice, leather and oak flavors. There is a touch of earthiness and chocolate qualities present as well and it is some creamy aspects. I find that this is slightly stronger blend when compared to the Caixa, but I really enjoy what it is offering. To me, the cigar is smoking at a medium to medium-full level for strength and body, and the flavors are right there as well. The construction thus far has been perfect and it has been producing an even burn line with a solid charcoal ash on the end. I originally cut the head a little short, so the draw was too tight, but after opening it a bit more it has become perfect and cool.

When I get into the second third I find that the flavor profile shows some slight changes and that has to do with the ring gauge getting larger and remaining at that larger caliber. It is showing a lot of peppery spice and there is some leather and oak qualities with that. There is a touch of earth and dark cocoa powder, and it has a nice stone fruit flavor showing some dark cherry qualities. The cigar remains at that medium-full level for body and strength, and it is a level that works well with the flavor profile. The construction remains top notch as well and it is producing an even burn line with that charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool and a nice bit of smoke is produced with each draw.

The final third shows a return of flavors from the first and it is producing some strong pepper spice notes with black coffee notes. There are some leather and oak flavors present as well, and it has a faint bit of dry earth and creamy qualities on the finish. As it has been throughout, the cigar smokes a medium-full level in terms of strength and body and I would say the flavor profile is there as well. Its definitely a strong figurado and you can pick up that Nicaraguan strength in the blend. The construction remains perfect in the final third as it has throughout and it is delivering an even burn line with that firm charcoal ash on the end. The draw remains cool to the end and I am able to smoke the cigar down to the nub.

Laranja Reserva has really become the flagship line for Espinosa in the past couple years and that is a good thing. It is the right line to be the flagship line for a company and factory. I believe it is the most complex and flavorful blend they have created, and they have been smart with it in terms of releases and keeping it special while available. I believe the DeSocio vitola offering to be one of the better offerings for the line, but I still prefer the Caixa because of my personal preference when it comes to vitolas. With that being said, the DeSocio is a flavorful cigar that shows the impact of the wrapper on a blend with the increase and decrease of the ring gauge. It's a perfecto that is rolled very well, something you don't see often, and it shows great construction throughout. I give the cigar an easy 91 points. I would keep these around in the humidor to smoke and I would love to see how the perfecto age as well.

Overall Rating: 91 AKA "Box Split"

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Comment by Stefan Lindblad on April 18, 2016 at 11:50am
I just smoked one last night, and think you hit the nail on the head with this review. I did pick up some citrus notes too, but that may be the power of suggestion or the influence of the citrus pale ale I paired with the cigar. I also agree with your preference of the caixa.


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