Review: El Rey Del Mundo Infantes 2013 Edicion Regional Cuba

This El Rey Del Mundo Infantes 2013 Edicion Regional Cuba which was the 2013 regional release for the year came to me by way of the Partagas Festival in Cuba. 

I went down in November of 2013 with a group of Canadian friends to see Cuba for the first time and experience the festival.  I also picked up several boxes of the Infantes, but this particular stick I reviewed was part of the bundle given to attendees for the events.  I did smoke two of the El Rey Del Munfo Infantes while I was there but I did not take notes, so it was nice to be able to revisit my thoughts and focus on a review.


This cigar review also kicks off the first in my ‘best of 2014’ for Cuban cigars. 




The nose is consistent with my original experiences.  Floral with some dry hay and that unmistakable Cuban tobacco smell.



The El Rey Del Mundo Infantes measures 4 7/8” by 50 ring gauge in a robusto vitola.  This is a ‘Torcido Exclusivamente para Cuba’ which means an exclusive release to the Cuban region.  With only 5,000 ten count boxes were produced, and each box bears the corresponding production number.   First announced in June of 2013, the cigar was presented during a special event at the La Casa del Habano of the Habana Libre Hotel.




First Third

The first few draws and I get that sweet Cuban tobacco taste.  After the cigar begins to settle in I’m getting a hint of pepper at the back of my tongue.   There’s a hunt of dried earth as a post-draw flavor.   The cigar doesn’t really hit its stride until the first third starts to wind down.


Middle Third

Quite floral going into the middle third.  At the halfway mark there are some nice nutty flavors. 

As the middle third closes out the earth notes that were present only in the first third post-draw now increase in intensity and are a part of the map here.


Last Third

The earth and nut flavors from the middle third find a balance and there are undertones of floral here again.  I’m actually getting some nice tobacco strength kicking in here.  

The nut flavors really kick up in strength as the last third closes out.  There’s some slight acrid undertones which probably have more to do with the winter smoking conditions than anything.  They were not present in the first two Infantes I smoked in Cuba.



I punched the cap instead of using a guillotine or v-cut based on my previous smoking experiences.  The Infantes tends towards the open end for draw and a punch tightens it up so it hits the sweet spot.  The initial burn was uneven but it settled down after about 10 minutes with only minor touch ups required.  Total smoking time was a leisurely 1 hour and 26 minutes.


The El Rey Del Mundo Infantes is a very good deal available at only 59 CUCs (Cuban convertible pesos) for a  10 count box.  The only caveat is that unless you can find someone willing to part with a box, you’ll have to travel to Cuba and visit a LCDH store to purchase them.  For a limited production exclusive regional release this is a fantastic value.  Especially given that you don’t have to invest in a 25 count box.


Final Word:

I’m happy to say that my impression of the El Rey Del Mundo Infantes is consistent with my original experiences during the Partagas festival.  It’s an enjoyable cigar but not an amazing cigar.  The flavors are enjoyable but there is not yet any complexity or balance in the entire smoking experience.  I feel like these cigars will be very enjoyable after at least a year of rest.


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Comment by Matt Ross on January 3, 2014 at 7:03pm

I'm always jealous of your Cuban reviews.  I'm still waiting for a blog post on the Partagas Festival.


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