Review: East India Trading Co Rogue Rascal

This cigar came to me by way of a ‘USA Freedom’ Bomb from the /r/cigars Redditor /u/UnofficialGhost.  For the month of April /r/cigars was split into a USA and Russian faction who battled by means of cigar bombs for point domination. 

It was a fun little game, and I got a great selection of cigars to review as a result.  There will be many reviews coming out of that package soon.

Payback for this bomb was appropriately swift and disproportionate in response.




The nose off the Rascal was an intriguing mix of cedar with spicy tobacco.  My interest is piqued.




The Rogue Rascal measures 5.5” by 46 ring gauge in a corona vitola. The Rogue line was first announced almost exactly a year ago., featuring filler tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. 

The Rogue line is also available in a Tyrant (5” x 52), Bamboozle (6” x 60), Ruthless (6" x 64)  and finally an Armageddon (6” x 66).

In case it wasn't apparent by this point, Rogue and East India Trading Company fall under the Gurkha Cigar Group.




First Third

It has a sweet nutty flavor profile to start.   I’m quite impressed.  The sweet and nutty combination develops after a few draws to include some spices with an extremely light leather finish. 

I found the first third to be quite tasty.


Middle Third

The spice and leather from the first third drops off completely and you’re left with a nice medium profile of the sweetness and nuts. 


Last Third

Quite a bit of leather as the Rascal transitions into the last third.   I’m actually disappointed here as the first and middle third seemed to be leading up to a big finish and instead I get predominantly leather with some bitterness to close out.



I did a cold draw with a single v-cut and found the draw to be right in the sweet spot.  Great burn from start to finish with a smoking time of 1 hour and 29 minutes.



The Rascal size can be found as a single around $5, a 5 pack for $24 or the 20 count boxes as low as $80.   The pricing level on these is outstanding, as most cigars I’m reviewing these days tend to be well above the $7 mark.  Significant value to be had here.


Final Word:

Some of you are going to be incredulous at my summary, but the Gurkha Rogue Rascal was a decent little smoke.  I like the fact that it’s a 46 ring gauge, which means you don’t need 2 hours to smoke one.  Although the last third was a bit of a let down, I was won over with the first two thirds.  

One of the big things that can’t be undervalued here is the price point.   At a time where cigars continue to push towards an $8 – $10, the Rogue Rascal absolutely delivers an option for the sane aficionado's among us who have budgets.

Pick up some Rogue Rascals for yourself and let me know what you think.


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Comment by Generally Useful Jared on May 1, 2014 at 10:10am

I saw a some of these in one of the shops I hit, and considered it for a minute before getting the Gurkha Ghost instead... while the Ghost was decent, this sounds like it might have been more my style.


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