Review: Dunhill 3 Year Matured Virginia

Dunhill’s 3 Year Matured Virginia is medium tobacco, made of Oriental and Red Virginia tobaccos, topped with a fruit/citrus flavor. It was discontinued in 2007, but relaunched in 2015. This tobacco doesn't seem as readily available as most and there isn't too much out there, but it smells great and I am ready to pack a bowl.

3 Year Matured Virginia
Company: Dunhill
How Packaged: 1.76oz Tin
Style: Virginia Based
Tobacco Used: Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Casing/Topping: Fruit/Citrus
Cut: Ribbon
Bowls Smoked: 2
Date Purchased/Obtained: 10/01/15
Storage Method: Mason Jar
Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge
Price Point: $15.00
Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

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Tin/Jar Note: The jar note has a heavy molasses and grain note
Visual: Not surprisingly, this mixture is fairly light, with a darker tinge to it, and a little bit of dark tobaccos. All crinkled up in a loose, dry fluff of ribbon-cut goodness.
Flavors: The casing on this tobacco is very minimal. The main flavor profile is a natural Virginia note, with the occasional fruit note in the background.
Smoking Experience: This tobacco smoked quite well. After a few initial lights, it burned smoothly and without going out. There was no tongue bite, gurgles or excessive bowl heat.
Tobacco Strength: Mild-Medium
Body: Medium
Room Note: Tolerable-Pleasant
Comparable Tobacco:
Conclusion: It’s a good tobacco. Very easy to smoke, burns well and has some naturally sweet tobacco and added fruit notes. Making it good to smoke anytime really, if not just a tad much for a morning smoke. That being said, there was nothing that really wowed me or leaves me wanting more. Personally, I’d smoke it again, but I won’t go hunting it down.

Rating: 2 Stars AKA "Only when it is Free" - Would smoke a bowl if it was free and had nothing else

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