Review: Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs A Ton (MUWAT) Bait Fish


I picked up really sweet tobacco mixed with barnyard.  Very different than the other sizes of the MUWAT.


The MUWAIT Bait Fish measures 4 x 44 in a corona vitola.  The wrapper is a dark chocolate color.



The first starts with a mouthful of salty cashews.  A few more puffs in I'm getting lots of spice.  Not much else going on here until the first third starts to find down and I start to get some earthiness. 

I found the first third very interesting and it had me anticipating the second third.


The second third doesn't do much to reinvent the wheel here.  Same flavors as the first with some sweetness added to the mix.


As I move into the final third the cashew flavor becomes more of a toasted nutty flavor.  Each draw produces an earthy aftertaste.   The sweetness that was present in the middle third is nowhere to be found,


The draw here is very tight, but that's probably a good thing with such a small vitola and the decent amount of tobacco strength it brings.  As is typical with Drew Estate cigars there is a generous amount of smoke production.  A testament to how well rolled the cigar is, the ash held for me until the end of the second third.   Smoking time was just shy of the 40 minutes mark.


I wasn't able to find any singles of the Bait Fish, only the 5 x 5 paper wrapper bundles.  The pack of 25 goes for $99 to $110 but are frequently on CigarBid for quite a bit less.  Based on the readily available price these are a very good price.

Final Word:

The MUWAT Bait Fish is definitely my favorite vitola of the MUWAT line.  It packs significantly more flavor complexity than either the standard line or the +11 series.  The small size makes it a great choice for a quick lunch time cigar, or something while walking the dog.  If you can find a 5 pack or a great deal on the 25 you should try some for yourself.


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