Review: Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sweet

Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sweet

Size: 6 x 52

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Indonesian

Factory: La Gran Fabrica (Estelí)

MSRP: $2.10

Cigars smoked for review: 1

Cigars for review provided by: Drew Estate

Quick Note: For this review I used Cigar Federation's rating system

Prelight: The leaf that makes up the wrapper is very toothy, a light chocolate brown, and has some very noticable, bumpy veins. That being said, the construction looks and feels great. The exterior has a spicy cedar aroma, with a barnyard twinge and some earthy notes, while the foot is similar, but with a slight sweetness. The cold draw is smooth and clean, with a natural tobacco note and the expected sweetness on the lips.

Beginning: Once lit, the Factory Smokes Sweet shows a perfect draw and a clean burn. The tobacco is smooth, and has a lot more spice than I was expecting. The main note of this cigar is obviously the sweetness from the tip. Although, there are other notes such as, marshmallow, caramel, and sweet cream. It’s a very enjoyable smoke.

Middle: The second third starts with a similar profile under the sweetness, but it changes to a more smokey profile. It remains this way throughout this third and the burn and ash are spot on.

End: The final third has a little less of the sweetness now, although it is still very much present. There are slightly sweet, smokey notes of caramel and graham cracker here as well. Towards the end of this smoke, the sweetness really takes over on the tongue, with a thick, smokey finish.

Final Thoughts: First, the obvious. If you don't like flavored/sweetened/tipped cigars, you won't like this cigar. Should go without saying, but sometimes it has to said. As with all the cigars so far in this line, it is an amazing bargain. It has lulls, but the good times are definitely more prevelant. Another great addition the the Factory Smokes lineup. At this price point, I would keep a fiver of these on hand, no doubt.

Rating: 87 AKA "5-pack"

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