Review: Don Pepin Garcia Black Label (Cuban Classic) Robusto 1979

This cigar came to be by way of the Smoking Greek and his 13 for 2013 giveaway.


I was smelling black pepper and cedar undertones here.


The Black Label Cuban Classic has three bands.  One is the Don Pepin label, the second says Cuban Classic, and the third is gold ribbon on the foot.  Flawless construction.  The Black Label Cuban Classic measures 5" x 50.



Based on the nose I was expecting a blast of pepper.  Instead what I tasted was a nice smooth medium strength tobacco with an after taste of honey.

The first was light on flavor complexity but very balanced.


More flavor complexity in the second third.  I tasted a light earth, oak, the sweet honey from the first with less intensity and some creaminess on the exhale.

This cigar really hits the height of flavor in the middle third.


Very similar flavor profile to the previous third.  There's a slight amount of spicy flavor here on the exhale replacing the creaminess from the middle third.

As the last third starts to wind down there's some nuttiness and some leather notes in the exhale.


Nice even burn and a good draw   Smoke production was normal.  Total smoking time was 1 hour and 20 minutes.


The Don Pepin Garcia Black Label Cuban Classic can be found as a single between $5 and $6.  A 20 count box of the Robusto size is around $90.  For the amount of flavor these pack the price is a steal.

Final Word:

If you're looking for a Don Pepin cigar that doesn't have a big blast of pepper this is a great stick to choose.  They're available at such a reasonable price you should grab one and then grab another for a friend to enjoy with you.


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Comment by Jonathan Weinress on February 19, 2014 at 12:53pm

 Great review!    First DPG I ever tried, been hooked since. Always have a few in one humidor or another.

    cheers, keep up the good work.



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