Cult Profile Toro (6 x 50)
   Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining me for another review. This weekend, I have a very special pre-release review of the Cult Cigars Profile in the Toro vitola. Excellent choice seeing as that is one of my favorite sizes. Now, let's get to the review!
   This cigar is aesthetically pleasing to the Nth degree. Very tight seams and minimal veins are portrayed on this smooth, yet toothy stick. I detect airy, sweet cedar notes and pleasant barnyard scents from the foot. Heavy barnyard notes resonate from the stick itself. It's time to slice and toast this beauty.
   After clipping the head, I am welcomed with an open draw and slight sweetness. The barnyard notes remain in the pre-light draw. I toast the foot and receive a good dose of woodiness and spice. Smooth cedar consumes my palate. My lips tingle from the spice; a tasty tickling tingle. The draw is absolutely perfect. There is an incredible amount of smoke thru the retro-hale but not overbearing whatsoever. The flavors thru the retro-hale include white pepper and mild cedar notes.
   The finish is short for the moment but retains the cedar and woodiness from the draw. A slight tobacco spice falls into place thru the draw. Barnyard notes step in behind the spice and some creaminess follows suit. The smoke is smooth and full of pleasant flavor. Retro-haling has little to no kick and leaves behind a simple sweetness and smoky spice.
   Moving closer towards the second third, I taste a mild coffee mixing with the cedar and a slight nuttiness. Tobacco spice and white pepper pick up a bit, and I mean just a bit. The ash falls in my lap just in time to uncover the second third.
   The finish is a bit dry and a little longer with more spice lingering as opposed to the cedar and woody notes taking precedence. Smoky wood notes enter the draw smoke now. A slight tang and citrus not follow the smokiness. It's more of a sweet citrus with a tang on the back end. Not a powerful duo of flavors, but it's apparent nonetheless.
   Smoke output from the foot is a steady flow of wispy streams of smoke. From the draw smoke itself, it's quite the opposite. Thick and cloudy plumes of smoke fill my mouth thru the draw. Coffee notes ramp up as the citrus and tang combination get lost in the smoke somewhere, disappearing as quickly as they appeared. The creamy flavor has disappeared but the texture has remained. The finish carries a slight tang between the cedar and spice notes. The tanginess comes from the coffee and cedar now, the coffee continues to be mild in flavor.
   Thru the retro-hale, I taste the most delicious burning wood smoke with little bite or burn. White pepper floats thru the draw smoke, an airy flavor note. This cigar has great flavor and is not overpowering in any way. The ash is pale gray, almost white, and holding well.
   I would not personally recommend this cigar to smokers like myself who normally stick to medium to full strength and bodied cigars and the usual flavors, but if you're looking to venture out of your bubble and try something new and exciting (and extremely delicious) this is the cigar to try.
   The burn line remains even, and has been so throughout the duration of this smoke. The ash continues to hold strong at an inch and a half as the cedar and tobacco notes are making me smack my lips. The cedar has a sweetness to it and a bit of honeysuckle sneaks its way into the fray. I've finally placed the sneaky sweetness. Honeysuckle, cedar, and some smokiness. Definition and complexity. What an amazing smoking experience. It's taken the first two third for the flavors of this cigar to mature and show their depth.
   I taste a sort of smoky meatiness with the cedar. You guys have got me by the balls now..You're really trying to drag me over to the Light Side of the force aren't you?
   The band comes off with ease as I hope not to lose the ash. The finish continues to be quite short with slight spice and woodiness. Coffee picks up the pace as I enter the realm of the final third. The ash finally falls after about two inches of withholding strength. White pepper spice, tobacco notes, and cedar tanginess begin to pick up strength. The flavors being to swirl together in a pool of deliciousness. Complexity at its finest.
   Smoke is flowing faster from the foot and in tremendous amounts thru the draw. The citrus and tang return together to help me finish this cigar in all of its glory. Is it possible I'm tasting fig notes? Quite the tasty addition to the mix on the finish: cedar and what little is left of the smoky meat flavor.
   This cigar has remained cool up until this point, and it is barely warm. Just about at the finishing point here. There is little to no nicotine strength from this cigar. For the most part, this stick has been consistent in base flavors, a few big punches of some more hefty flavors with depth here and there, and a beautiful burn and ash. I would definitely recommend this cigar to ANYONE testing their palates and looking for big flavors and excellent quality. Thanks again for my initiation into the CULT! I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did. Pick them up when they hit the shelves!

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