Review: Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro

At the 2014 IPCPR in Las Vegas I had the pleasure of meeting Lawrence, VP and Brand Ambassador for Cubanacan Cigars.I enjoyed the samples I smoked at the trade show, but I was looking forward to the opportunity of reviewing them on a fresh palate.

The Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro comes in 20 count boxes, and in 5 vitolas. The Campana (5-1/2”x60 RG), Gran Robusto (5-1/2”x60 RG), Petite Sublime (3-3/4”x54 RG), Toro (6”x52 RG), and the Corona Gorda (5-5/8”x46 RG) we are group reviewing today.


Vitola: Corona Gorda

Size: 5-5/8” x 46 Ring Gauge

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Nicaraguan

Cigars Smoked for this Review: One

Price Point: $7.25 MSRP

Cigar Purchased: Manufacturer’s Samples

Quick Note: For this review we used Logan’s rating system. You can view it in detail here.



“The Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro is an interesting journey around the flavor map.“

 “Great construction and a tasty, complex flavor profile, definitely make this cigar a solid choice. “


Surgeon’s Rating:  88 AKA “5 Pack”

The nose on the Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro is raisins, dates, hay, fermented tobacco. One hell of a nose here, I spent several minutes taking it all in before I lit up.

It’s surprisingly light on the first few puffs, with the retrohale giving just a hint of raisins and sweet vanilla. I’d say the flavors are light-medium strength to just under medium strength. I was expecting a full bodied blast from the nose. Some pepper starts to come through at the 5 minute mark and the flavor strength begins to step up to medium to medium-full. There’s some sweet earth coming in as it transitions to the middle third. I think Jerad is going to love this cigar.



In the middle third the pepper has fallen off. There’s some rich cedar and hay here with a light earthy finish. At the start of the draw there’s a sweetness that fades away quickly. The raisin from the first third comes back lightly to finish each draw. At the end of the middle third fresh cedar is dominating the flavor map.

Some earthy notes return in the final third. It moves towards sweet earthy once the last third has established itself and finishes with cedar, earth and some sweetness.

The Cubanacan Soneros Habano Maduro is an interesting journey around the flavor map. It started with a specific profile and then continued to develop all the way to the end.

I’d pick up a 5-pack of these if only to experiment with different pairing combinations.


Pairing Recommendation:

This was a tough pairing recommendation to nail down. I would go with a ful bodied red wine, or some aged rum.


Jerad’s Rating: 89 AKA “5 Pack”



The construction on this Corona Gorda seems good, but almost feels maybe a bit too hard, or tightly packed. The wrapper is veiny and lumpy in appearance, but that’s just an aesthetics note and shouldn’t affect how this cigar smokes.

The aroma from the wrapper has a chocolate, red pepper spice and the usual cedar & tobacco notes. A pull on the cold draw confirms my fears of a tight roll, but its workable. The cold flavors are a mix of cedar, leather and tobacco, with a spicy tingle of red pepper. Very tasty so far.

Starting the first third is a spicy, flavorful blast of red pepper and cedar. There are also some light leather flavors the finish. The cedar notes emerge as the main flavor profile and the finish is very clean and dry. Not what I normally expect from a maduro. Also worth noting, the cold draw was tight, but once lit it has a perfect draw.

In the second third, the cedar and wood notes receded to the background and a dry chocolate note comes to the forefront. Then the spicy cedar note and dry chocolate notes take turns being in the forefront.

Entering the final third, the cedar and wood notes take the forefront for the remainder of this cigar.

Strength and body-wise, this Sonorous Maduro was a medium, up to medium-full at the end, for me. Great construction and a tasty, complex flavor profile, definitely make this cigar a solid choice.

A note on my rating here, I think this cigar is worthy of a “90-Box Split”, but personally I would purchase it in a fiver.



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